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ET: Magic Jumps*

Votes: 2 - Rating: 100%
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Name: ETc|ETJump 260+ Maps
Game RtCW: Enemy Territory
Protocol: 84 (ET 2.60)
Mod: etjump 2.3.0
Gametype: Objective
Player 0 / 20
Server-Rules: Read server rules
Server rules 1. cheats allowed.
2. No Rasism! Include religion, culture and color of skin. You will get mute, kick or even get ban, if you will break this rule.
3. No insults! Any player who will break this rule will be muted.
4. Don't spam on main chat! Spamming is annoying and useless.
5. No whining!
6. Advertising is not allowed!
7. No recruiting! If you looking for new members to your clan, go somewhere else.
8. Don't ask for joining to ETc| clan on the server!
9. Don't ask for higher level! It doesn't matter how many XP you have. Follow the rules, be friendly and you will get higher level.
11. No tag stealing! Wearing the ETc| tag without being invited is not allowed.
12. Try to use english language on mainchat and teamchat! German language is allowed too.
13. Respect other players!
14. Always follow the rules!
25. Spawnkilling is allowed!
26. Spawncamping is allowed!
27. Have fun!
Server description ETJump Mod
over 200 Maps
Portal gun

Cheats enabled
/give all All Weapons etc...
/noclip Fly
  Dial Up Modem Players allowed (Antilag)
  No Heavy Weapons restrictions
  no balanced teams
  Friendly Fire activated
  PunkBuster unprotected
  patched ET 2.60b (Buffer Overflow Safe)
System: ET 2.60b linux-i386 May 8 2006
Location: Germany, World
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