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This server has 481 fans. Operator of this server: =F|A=
Because of playing bots, all sessions are ignored!
ET: kerkyra

Votes: 16 - Rating: 88%
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ET Beach Invasion final 1...
Capuzzo Airport Final*
Frostbite final*
Frostbite final*
Pirates final*
Special Delivery TE final*
Venice NE4 final*
Fuel Dump official
Fuel Dump official
Caen 2 final*
Gold Rush GALS final*
Join: (sl.Gamelauncher needed)
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Game RtCW: Enemy Territory
Protocol: 84 (ET 2.60)
Mod: jaymod 2.2.0
Gametype: Objective
Player 0 / 51
Server-Rules: Read server rules
Server description 1. Anti-Cheat Enabled. Cheating = Ban
2. Double Jump = Enabled
3. FF = Disabled
3. 40 maps and more to play.
4. No bitching or whinning on server regulars.
5. Keep fair game play.
6. Post your suggestions and complains on our forums.
7. We are recruiting new members. Post your apply at Fearless Assassins Website.
Maptime Map timelimit: 30 minutes
0 minutes to play
  Dial Up Modem Players allowed (Antilag)
  Limited Heavy Weapons
  Balanced Teams enforced
  no Friendly Fire activated
  PunkBuster unprotected
  Bots are running
  High Definition ET
System: ET 3.00 - TB 0.7.4 linux-i386
Location: Worldwide, North America     Show on map
Support: http://fearless-assassins.com/
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