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Wolf Enstein - 16 days 14 hours 44 minutes agoYou'll enjoy it, Kate, it really improves the Warbell gameplay.
macbeth - 17 days 3 hours 37 minutes agothanks i got is from the splatter post :d
Wolf Enstein - 17 days 14 hours 40 minutes agoHere it is, Kate: https://wolffiles.de/index.php?filebase&fid=5153
macbeth - 17 days 21 hours 40 minutes ago@ wolfie , i can’t find the script :(
Wolf Enstein - 22 days 14 hours 18 minutes agoThanks for the link, Meister G. :) .
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Written by Wolffiles, Feb 23 2019 at 01:00


= Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

= Biohazard Beta 3.1 =


This is the latest version of the excellent "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" map, entitled, "Biohazard", which has been created by Devils Right Hand.

What's New?

Apparently, in the last release, there was a bug that prevented the proper spawn locations from being selected and this caused the map to crash sometimes. This has now been fixed.



Download the updated map version HERE

Wolfteam website HERE

Source - Splatterladder - Devils Right Hand


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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Dec 01 2018 at 18:31

Nearly 5 years are gone since we announce the Splatterladder Gameserver Hosting.

The last 1664 days without any downtime.

Today I have to inform you, that this service will end on January 1st 2019.

Neither you nor I will have access to the server in 2019.

Make sure to backup your files If one or more of your server are hosted here.

I hope you enjoyed the time on our server.


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Written by Wolffiles, Feb 18 2019 at 01:37


= Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

= F|A Italy Beta 2 =


This is a brand new version of the "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" map, "Italy". It has been created by Isbowhten and Smiley from the "Fearless Assassins Gaming Community".


- Added new route to CP through lower entry way for better level flow and challenge.

- All drain pipes are now climbable for more balanced roof accessibility.

- Some Roof areas opened for more open play style and play ability.

- New route to First flag granting allies a bit more ease from the first spawn and more open space to work with along with a back way to the flag.

- Added in more bushes, boxes, table, and trees to new access for cover and accessibility.

-More mineable areas including new routes to both CP and flag along with several small missing brick areas in the streets.

- Courtyard flag area has second climbable ivy patch to roof.

- A good size hole in the old CP spot for level flow and need of use.


Download the new map version HERE

Fearless Assassins official website HERE

Source - EnemyTerritoryStuff - Kate


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Written by Wolffiles, Feb 13 2019 at 03:14


= ET: Legacy =


Continuing with their recreation of classic "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" maps, the "ET: Legacy" team have now released a superb remake of "Adlernest". It's a map that all "Wolf: ET" fans know very well and this new version has been created by Devils Right Hand.


Download the new version HERE

ET: Legacy website HERE

Source - Splatterladder - Devils Right Hand


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Written by Wolffiles, Feb 13 2019 at 01:35


= Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

= Devils Right Hand - Map Pack =


This map pack from Devils Right Hand contains three of his marvelous "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" missions, "Goetterdaemmerung", "Biohazard" and ""Syphonfilter". All the new versions of the maps have been improved, with everything from new textures, more brush work detail to new map models and better spawnpoints all being added.

Screenshots - Biohazard:



Download the new maps HERE

The Wolfteam website HERE

Source - Splatterladder - Devils Right Hand


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Written by Wolffiles, Feb 07 2019 at 01:13


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= RtCW: American Civil War Mod 2.3 =


The very hard-working "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" mapper and modder, PAV from "Bobot", has updated his fantastic "RtCW" singleplayer modification, set in America's wild west era.

What's New? :

- New maps added to the mission

- Bug fixes for previous maps

- New texture shaders

- Bug fixes for the A.I. in the final map mission, "Museum"


Download the new version HERE

PAV's official website HERE

Source - SplashDamage - Mike Smith, (aka Ronboy)


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Written by Wolffiles, Feb 03 2019 at 21:36


= Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

= Still Going Strong! =


For over 15 years "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" has remained one of the best, (if not the best), teamplay-focussed, objective-based "fps" games ever created. New maps and mods are still being regularly created for it and as an example of this, the new community-created "ET: Legacy" modification takes the game to a whole new level.

Many "Wolf: ET" clans, communities and websites are still available to new players who are experiencing this superb World War II title for the first time, where all the help and advice that new players always need is readily accessible to them.

Are you a new "Wolf: ET" player looking for a clan or community to enlist with? Are you a player who's returning to the ranks after some years away, or someone just looking for some help and advice? If so, then please feel free to click on the following links and see what superb options are on offer to you!

Download the game for free:

ET: Legacy version 2.76 HERE

ET: Legacy Discord Channel HERE

Clans and Communities:

- [UJE] Clan official website HERE

- ETs| Clan official website HERE

- =F|A= Fearless Assassins website HERE

- =F|A= Fearless Assassins Discord Channel HERE

- ETc Extreme Terror Clan website HERE

- ETc Extreme Terror Clan Discord Channel HERE

- TM TeamMuppet official website HERE

- TM TeamMuppet Discord Channel HERE

- House of Rox Clan official website HERE

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Written by Wolffiles, Jan 23 2019 at 22:18


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= RtCW Venom Mod 6.0 =


This is the latest release from Hellbaron of his superb "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" modification, "RtCW Venom Mod". This version is also fully compatible with "RtCW 1.41", "Kinightmare's Unofficial Patch" and "ioRtCW".

What's New? :

- Merged and fixed a new HD texture pack, for both singleplayer and multiplayer.

- Re-ordered files for better compatibility between singleplayer and multiplayer assets.

- Revisioned all character textures.

- New effects and shaders.

- Fixed and balanced A.I. for all levels.


Download RtCW Venom Mod 6.0 - Nvidia HERE

Download RtCW Venom Mod 6.0 HERE

Hellbaron on ModDB HERE




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Written by Wolffiles, Jan 18 2019 at 20:20


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= RtCW Heidelberg =


This video presentation is a sneak preview of Dialog's new stealth map for "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" singleplayer, entitled, "RtCW Heidelberg".

Another great creation from the very talented map-maker.


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Written by Wolffiles, Jan 17 2019 at 17:41


= Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

= ET: Legacy - version 2.76 =


Dear Wolf: ET Community, we hope all of you have thoroughly enjoyed your Christmas break and have endured a pleasant start into 2019. I'm sure most of you have gained a few pounds from all the delicious Christmas food and are trying to cut it down but before you get up and start jogging around we ask that you hold onto your seats a little longer as we've got one more present for you! It's been a while since our last release, but today's the day! - ET: Legacy team

What's new? :

* VM_Create on UI error is resolved so no more manual work-arounds are necessary.
* Bayesian skill rating is implemented allowing for global comparison of skill among players.
* WolfAdmin is now the default game manager, providing many useful admin commands.
* Our own master server is up and running, so even if id master goes down you're good to go.
* Renderer2 + assets will be available in a bit, bringing you the best graphics for ET yet (experimental).

Full changelog HERE


Download ET: Legacy 32-bit for windows HERE

Download ET: Legacy Mac OS X 64-bit HERE

Download ET: Legacy Linux 32-bit and 64-bit HERE

ET: Legacy website HERE

Source - Splatterladder - KeMoN



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Written by Wolffiles, Jan 11 2019 at 22:46


= Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

= Fan Survey =

Splatterladder member, Scoofii, is very interested in organising "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" events for our community. In order to gauge "Wolf: ET" fans' opinions and ideas, he's created a very interesting survey for us all to take part in.

Do you want to have your say on the future of creating "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" events for our community to take part in? Then, please, click the link and answer a few questions on how you feel about various things related to our beloved World War 2 FPS.

Scoofii's Wolf: ET survey HERE

Source - Splatterladder - Scoofii


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Written by Wolffiles, Jan 10 2019 at 18:53


= Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

= WolfAdmin 1.2.0 =


Welcome to WolfAdmin, a game manager for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory servers created by Timo 'Timothy' Smit. Written as a Lua module, it provides you with extra tools to administrate your server. Since the module is run on the server, players do not have to install anything.

This version can be marked as the largest update to WolfAdmin so far. From now on, you can completely replace the shrubbot administration system with WolfAdmin using standalone mode. Say goodbye to limited amount of levels, admins, mutes and bans, and give a warm welcome to SQL-based databases to store your players and their permissions.

Most of the features that mods like NoQuarter and ETPub provide should have been ported to WolfAdmin. This includes the commands, but also chat logging and private messaging.

Furthermore, the directory structure has been reworked to ease updates and to make sure that all operating systems can run WolfAdmin. In addition to this, the well-known .cfg files have been replaced by .toml files to ease configuration.

WolfAdmin is now shipped by default with ET: Legacy. This means that anyone who uses the Legacy mod (and any future mods derived from it) will automatically benefit from WolfAdmin.


- standalone mode

-  experimental install script

- automatic path detection

- many bug fixes

- much more...

Download the new version of WolfAdmin HERE

WolfAdmin website HERE



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Written by Wolffiles, Jan 09 2019 at 18:29


= Wolfenstein: ETLegacy =

= InspirationTuts =


Gordon from "InspirationTuts" has released his new video of how he modelled the German Panzerschrek of World War 2. Truly superb, top quality work as always.

InspirationTuts on Youtube HERE

ET: Legacy website HERE



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Written by Wolffiles, Jan 07 2019 at 16:51


= Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

= Toxic Fabric Beta 1.1 =


This is an update of the excellent "Deathmatch" map created by DevilsRightHand of the Wolfteam for "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory".

Update Info':

# New and improved visual peformance

# New respawning weapons feature


Download the new version HERE

The Wolfteam website HERE

Source - Splatterladder - DevilsRightHand


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Written by Wolffiles, Jan 03 2019 at 18:52


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein Singleplayer =

= RtCW American Civil War Mod - Update =


In response to the feedback from the Wolfenstein Community, PAV has released an updated version of his amazing "RtCW SP" mod, "American Civil War".

The new update contains many bug fixes and new maps to play too.

Download the RtCW American Civil War 2.2 version HERE

Source - BOBOT - PAV


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