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macbeth - 6 days 19 hours 35 minutes ago@Wolfie no problem t all
Wolf Enstein - 8 days 16 hours 51 minutes agoThat's it fixed, Kate, sorry for the delay.
macbeth - 9 days 2 hours 21 minutes agoBill i forgot our nitmod server : ( Server editor ip thanks
Wolf Enstein - 10 days 56 minutes agoHopefully that should be it now, Kate.
Wolf Enstein - 10 days 1 hour 14 minutes agoThat link doesn't work, Kate.
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Oct 15 2006 at 21:30

Since the new punkbuster release 1.279 many of you have problems connecting to several servers. The cause of this is an outdated PBNS.DAT which comes from the previous version and is not automatically updated, because one is now less than ever possible to connect to that server. Not until you have been connected the actual Punk Buster software is loaded if there is a difference between client and server. If you connect to servers which are running the last PB Update and the client is running an old version, the PBNS.DAT avoids an GUID authentification (awaiting gamestate) because of operating with outdated data for the masterserver. (new: - pbguidauth.idsoftware.com)

  • 1. download pbsetup.exe from www.evenbalance.com
  • 2. delete or rename the old pb-directory and create a new one in which you copy the downloaded file.
  • 3. start pbsetup.exe, follow the instructions and download a completely new pb-software.
  • 4. connect to an updated server, like this one, and you will receive a new PBNS.DAT from that server.
  • 5. done!
Download-Link for pbsetup.exe: Even Balance Website

For further questions we will be available in our forum! Greetz, Sonyfan/sl.Binaural!
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Oct 14 2006 at 16:22

I received this info from Even Balance for player who experience following error:

If you own a nForce4-Board and have some freezes/lockups when joining a server, try install following driver:

Windows XP - nForce4 AMD (6.86) ->>> http://www.nvidia.com/object/nforce_nf4_win2k_6.86.html

Detailed help for troubleshoot: ->>> http://forum.splatterladder.com/index.php?showtopic=3896

This should resolve your problem. Greetz Sonyfan!
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ETKey.org Banner
Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Sep 22 2006 at 19:12

IPB Bild
GrooveSix Studios and Team Terminator are proud to announce the release of TrueCombat:Elite 0.49 on...

Friday September 29th, 2006!

The community is invited to join while "we all" count down the days before the release. In celebratory fashion, on www.TrueCombatElite.net will be posted various screenshots and descriptions/overviews of all the newly revamped 0.49 maps. Be sure to check back daily for those!

The pre release 0.49 will be in the official IRC channel, #TC:Elite @ Quakenet.org, at 18:00 GMT. Shortly after, the download will be available on our homepage.

Below is the TrueCombat:Elite 0.49 teaser video. Check it out, show your friends and help spread the news of this momentous occasion!

Download: TC:E 0.49 TRAILER (High Res)
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Sep 19 2006 at 14:15

NEW Etpro 3_2_6 Final

* 2.60b support
* bring client example.cfg up to date
* bring server example.cfg up to date
* mortis fixes for fueldump and railgun
* |FF|Im2good4u ui update. Added cg_centertime and fixed menu box size
* give semiadmins the same kick/mute protection as refs
* Allow refs to surrender or callvote surrender even if vote is disabled
* #944 - competition fueldump

Tank is completely removed, first half of map is skipped.
Depot side wall and depot gate are now dynamitable.

* #964 - show who did team commands like pause, specinvite, readyteam
* #959 - uncheatprotect cg_centertime
* #967 - added 6 new crosshairs, which are variants of the orignal 0-5 that work better at small sizes
* #960 - allow .config to require a particular mapscript
syntax: in a (non default) map block put
mapscripthash <40char sha1>

if no mapscripthash is specified, any mapscript is allowed
if a mapscripthash is specified, and the hash of the loaded mapscript does not match, an error message is sent to all clients, and the config is cleared.

the hash of the current script is stored in the readonly server cvar b_mapscripthash, so clients or server admins can query it.
* Also improved config error handling. Now all parse errors result in the config being completely cleared, and a message broadcast to connected clients.

eclipse-esports ETpro Download


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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Sep 10 2006 at 16:43

IPB Bild

7 days left for the next version of our well known one day GET-Cup.
The timetable will be the same like always. You can signup your Team now at the Cuppage.
Right now are 28 teams registred, and the cup has also 32 slots, so just feel free to register youre Enemy-territory team.

Signups: From now till Sunday 17.09.06 - 13:45cet
Checkin: Sunday 17.09.06 - 13:50cet till 14:50cet
The Grid will be online then between 14:50 and 15:00cet.
The first round starts at 15cet.

The Mappool will be:
- Radar
- supplydepot2
- sw_grush_te
- frostbite
- sw_fueldump_b3

The 6th Map will be decided in the following week if you have any ideas feel free to msg swine in irc youre idear.

Current teams: Get-Cup TEAMS
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Sep 05 2006 at 16:53

ET: Quake Wars
We had to remove our QuakeWars video from the "Games Convention 2006" after that on request of Activision Germany. Now the issue should be resolved and we can officially offer you the video for the download again.

Some words about the footage:
This is the first video in which the Stroggs are shown a little more nearly.
At the beginning a little flair of the Games Convention is arranged for you. After that it goes with the oppressor in a Hornet through the valley map. Who don't looks only at the crosshair recognize the magnificent wide view. Our oppressor shows how one requests a plasma artillery gun and use this very efficient for a multikill. He also uses the "Ikarus" backpack. All in all a couple of interesting insights into the (sometimes short) life of the Stroggs.

Download: from our affiliate planetquakewars.net (56.24 MB, DivX5)
Stream: YouTube-Stream in a lower resolution

A special thanks goes to Matt 'Wils' Wilson (Lead Level Designer from SplashDamage) and to Activision Germany and USA.
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Aug 17 2006 at 18:02

ET: Quake Wars
We have now official confirmation that ET:QW will be playable at the Games Convention in Leipzig/Germany from 24. till 27.08.2006.

Edward ‘Bongoboy’ Stern (Senior Game Designer) and Stephen 'malarky' Gaffney (IT Manager) and maybe other sd-staff will man the booth, which is part of the Activison stand. ET:QW will be playable with a 24 player LAN like it was at last QuakeCon.

Sources: http://www.splashdamage.com/index.php?name...p=155394#155394
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Aug 10 2006 at 02:13

Today, ClanBase announces fundamental changes to its GUID banning system.

Up until now, ClanBase simply listed GUID’s on the Cheaters page, alongside the player’s information. We relied heavily on manual GUID checks by admins to determine whether a certain GUID was in fact used by cheaters. This proved ineffective as GUID’s did indeed make their way back onto ClanBase.

Effective immediately, ClanBase's new system will deny banned GUID’s the opportunity to be (re)used in player's profiles.

When you enter a GUID into your player profile it will be checked against our database. If the GUID has been banned, it will not accept it and will request that you enter a new valid GUID.

This will directly combat returning cheaters being able to use their old GUID. It will have an immediate impact on ALL GUID-supported games.

At 00:00 CET tonight, ClanBase will import its ban list into the database.

Any account that currently has a banned GUID entered will have their GUID automatically removed and will have to enter a valid GUID.

We hope that this shows our determination within ClanBase Cheat & Abuse to make this a cleaner and safer site for all of our users.
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Aug 01 2006 at 02:17

UPDATE YOUR SERVERS! File exploit is being actively abused.

We have had several reports that people are actively exploiting the download vulnerability that exists in et prior to 2.60b and ETTV prior to beta-10. This exploit allows that to download your server.cfg files (and thus obtain your passwords) and depending on your server configuration, may allow them to download other sensitive files outside of the et directory.

Anyone running a server with downloads enabled should update to 2.60b or the latest ettv.

you DO NOT have to update to the new etpro, or require the clients to update. Just update the server.

The bug: http://nvd.nist.gov/nvd.cfm?cvename=CVE-2006-2082
ET 2.60b binaries (all platforms): ftp://ftp.idsoftware.com/idstuff/et/ET-2.60b.zip
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Jul 24 2006 at 21:39

UPDATE: sl.Binaural is the new contact person for EditSigns! (Translations SL) Please write only to him for requests! @Sonyfan

Because we want to shape our SL more international we need people who support us active. We mentioned this topic earlier, but it did got down 'somewhere'. Sorry for that.
We are looking for translators for the world-wide spoken language Spanish and French. Further languages like Italian, Polish, Dutch and Finnish are also welcome as well as Japanese and Korean. We are completely cosmopolitan, but the language should be written fluent. The more languages we provide, the more international becomes the SL!

The translating itself is quite easy. No additional program is needed! Every Translator gets access to EditSigns. Via editor-pencil a text-part is translated very flexible. A translation-tool developed by proddi which allows everyone to translate the SL into the respective language will be therefor provided. It is integrated into the SL and will work self-explanatory.

Furthermore we want to arrange the newspart more vibrant. That means we want you to be instrumental in delivering content to the SL. In a manner of speaking the SL should customize to you, in place of you adapting to the SL. The ones who are interested can leave a personal touch to the SL. For the time being we are in need of newsscouts for the languages English, German and French. The news will be delivered through our forum and should deal about online-gaming. We will cross-read and unlock them and they should appear on the start-side. This experience is the one we are looking for, from sl.-user to sl.-user.

So if you are interested please send a little sample of text per PM to Sonyfan or per eMail to sonyfan(at)splatterladder(dot)com. Everything further, like details of how it works or what you will get and when it will start will be given then per eMail or PM.

Best regards,

Your SL-Team!
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Jul 23 2006 at 11:14

Mods / ETPro
New ETPro version ET Pro 3.2.6 beta test release 1 is out.

Some new features are:
  • support for the 2.60b ET patch
  • mapscript specific .config files
  • new introduced server settings to prevent players from emptying a server by spamming alot of commands (e.g. with frequent teamchanges)
See the link above for the complete list.

Note: This version requires the clients to have the latest 2.60b patch installed.
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Jul 20 2006 at 14:16

This afternoon the forum and the farcry-part of the Sl is going to move to another server. The longish load-times should be a thing of the past. At the same time comes our new sponsor XG1 into play. During the relocation the forum is set to read-only mode which means no new posts or registrations could be undertaken. Until todays evening but not later than tomorrow morning the moving should be finished, depending on your ISP. We wished us already all the best, stay tuned!

Your SL-Team!

The relocation is completed and the SL is respondig noticeable much faster now.
For all Farcry'ler: The ranking will display correct values from 6.00am. No data has been lost, cheers /zwinker.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=";-)" border="0" alt="zwinker.gif" />
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Jul 20 2006 at 01:33

This modification gives the menu of "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" a new look and feel.

ET-Minimod: Download

  • new background picture
  • new color for the menu
  • replaced the map with a picture (only visible while ET connects to a server)
  • new picture for unknown maps
  • new song for the menu
  • added button for refresh-stop
  • removed the ET-intro
  • removed the ET-logo
  • removed the company-logos in the main menu
Source: eclipse-esports.de
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Jul 17 2006 at 14:13

ETFakt is a tool made for Enemy Territory players. It is a Win32-program running synchronous to ET and interacts with ET in order to improve your game-play. Please read on the feature list to get an impression what it can do for you.

The name "ETFakt" is a abbreviation out of the german. "Fakt" is my short word for "Faktotum" which means "servant, butler for all".

ET-Tool: Download


» Minimizer
· minimize ET during runtime without loosing your r_gamma-value
· resize windows in order to show the whole desktop

» Away-function
go away from a game without getting kicked from the punkbuster because of inactivity... this function simulates movements for you

» Dynamite-timer
· be informed about the next detonation, their place and the time you have to defuse or defend it
· automatic starting on planting
· full customizeable messages

» ET-Log
analyze the ETConsole-output by watching the whole text or use regular expressions to filter out the lines you want to see

» Advanced Scripting
· a mighty feature which gives you the chance to use your pascal knowledge in order to improve your scripts
· define hotkeys you want to watch for and react on the events you get from them get a event for each logline ET produces

» General features
· all preferences can be configured in separate profiles
· simple one-click-color-code to click and get the color codes into the edit-controls
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Jul 17 2006 at 13:44

ET: Quake Wars
ETQW Release date pushed back

A couple of days had been past, since i read that ET:Quakewars will not be realeased this year.
They need more time to force balanced gameplay and so some internal beta tests.

At this time, the information is, that gamers will be able to buy ET:Quakewars and RTCW II early in 2007.
With other words, they won´t finish them in 2006.

Although it´s really sad, we should all look forward to a great games in 2007.
And Q-Con 2006 just takes place in a few weeks. HF GL
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