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Wolf Enstein - 14 days 1 hour 37 minutes agoYou'll enjoy it, Kate, it really improves the Warbell gameplay.
macbeth - 14 days 14 hours 30 minutes agothanks i got is from the splatter post :d
Wolf Enstein - 15 days 1 hour 34 minutes agoHere it is, Kate: https://wolffiles.de/index.php?filebase&fid=5153
macbeth - 15 days 8 hours 33 minutes ago@ wolfie , i can’t find the script :(
Wolf Enstein - 20 days 1 hour 11 minutes agoThanks for the link, Meister G. :) .
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Aug 24 2007 at 22:34

Bramburg Dam (et_dam) Beta 1

I don't know if anyone still knows the map 'mp_dam' for RTCW, it was released by SD for the game some years ago and is based on the corresponding singleplayer level 'dam' of RTCW. I personally think it's not really suitable for multiplayer gaming but I always liked the scenery and therefore made a little conversion. Don't expect too much from it, it's pretty much like the good old mp_dam; I left the gameplay widely untouched.
There's an entry in .sl-database of maps called 'et_dam', but it does not provide any info or links and I've neither ever heard nor seen any conversion for ET. If there actually is ... never mind, its a fun project anyway I did in my spare time. :)
Probably best played with a maximum of 6-8 players per team. Shouldn't be working well on monster servers with 30+ players for gameplay does not really extend to the other side of the dam, as those old-school players of you will recall from mp_dam. But well, give it a try.
See the included readme.txt for more details.

Short description:

Allied forces are attempting to destroy an axis dam to flood the military installation below.

Allied objectives:

- Breach the lower service halls
- Secure the generator control room
- Destroy the Main Road Doors
- Breach the lower dam tunnels
- Breach the upper dam stairwell door
- Destroy the main water regulator (main obj. , referred to as "Main Generator" by vo's in-game)

Axis objectives:

Pretty much a no-brainer, you can certainly guess them by the above ones. :)

The control room flag moves the spawns - if allies take it, they spawn there and move axis spawn to the dam quarters and vice versa. Oh yes and: the map is dark, as was mp_dam. If peeps don't like it, I'll make a brigher b2.

Please report bugs. I not in a clan and am therefore heavily dependent on your feedback.

Size some 7 MB, roughly.

Some screenshots:

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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Aug 10 2007 at 14:56

Mods / ETPub
ETPub 0.8.1 Released!
ETPub 0.8.1 is out! This is yet another major new ETPub version, here is an overview of the new features:
  • Improved killingsprees
  • Killingspree sounds
  • Multikills
  • Display banners at multiple positions
  • ETPro anti-warp
  • Fixed physics: Make sure no one on the server has an unfair movement advantage
  • Major upgrades of ATB and PR system
  • Improved weapon restrictions
  • 5 new shrubbot commands
  • Mute time
  • Store warnings and spreerecords
  • Prevent IP spoofing and other exploits
  • Omnibot 0.66 support (included in the download)
  • Adminchat
  • Vote players into spec
  • Many others as well...
To see a complete list of all the changes, see the ETPub Server Changelog for the details.

ETPub Server 0.8.1: From etpub.org, or from tjw's site.
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ETKey.org Banner
Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Aug 05 2007 at 09:44

You can download the Constructible Version now in the ET Mapscripts section of etconfigs.net. Also the v1 non constructable has been edited with the cp spawn already available.

In this version the Bridge cannot be destroyed after it was built, that's coming in the next version. This version is fully functional, but still has some minor graphical issues which will be addressed in the next version too.

If you have would like to help or report any error messages go to http://www.sqill-squad.com/news.php and send a private message to Stinvec!
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Aug 04 2007 at 14:45

ET: Quake Wars
Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Release Date Announced

This is the moment you have been waiting for: id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead just announced the official release date for the PC version of Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars during the id press conference at QuakeCon! Without further ado, here's the scoop: ETQW is slated to ship in North America on October 2, 2007, while Europeans will get their hands on it the Friday before (September 28). Mark your calendars, gentlemen!

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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Aug 02 2007 at 22:01

Mods / ETPub
ETPub Client 20070801 has been released!

It contains the following changes:

-Many crosshair options (displaying short ranks, HP, classicons)
-Ingame objective display (+obj)
-Improved dynocounters (require ETPub 0.8.1 which will be released soon)
-altfire reloads
-client-side anti-lag optimization (will require ETPub 0.8.1)

Many other changes, see changelog for more details.


ETPub Client: From etpub.org, or from tjw's site.

News by ETPub.org / Informed and Written by Calzonzin/Density
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ETKey.org Banner
Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Jul 15 2007 at 19:48

There are now some news available about TeamSpeak 3 client:

TeamSpeak 3's Core Architecture
OK, for all you techies and brainiacs out there, we are developing the client in two layers, the core part which we usually refer to as the ClientLib and the interface part which we call the ClientUI. The ClientUI uses the ClientLib to do all the interaction with TeamSpeak 3 servers (like connecting, disconnecting, creating channels, etc). The ClientUI is responsible for the user interface (hence UI), as it presents the user with dialogs and windows showing information retrieved from the ClientLib (e.g. the channel list in a tree view) and it allows the user to issue commands (e.g. right click on a user and kick client) that are submitted into the ClientLib which carries the command into execution. The advantage of this modular approach can easily be seen from a developer's point of view. When anybody wishes to create an entirely new user interface, he just takes the existing ClientLib , and substitutes our ClientUI with his own completely custom interface.

The four boxes at the top are the things a regular user is most likely to encounter.
  • The 'graphical user interface' (Qt) is the main TeamSpeak 3 client application, similar to what you use currently in TeamSpeak 2. Note, however, that TeamSpeak 3 will now natively support Macintosh, Linux, and Windows platforms (hooray!).

  • The 'console user interface' is currently used for stress testing a TeamSpeak 3 server with bot-like clients, but depending on the lua script (scripting language) it is now capable of doing just about anything you can imagine!

  • 'Telnet' and 'Scripts / Programs, 3rd Party, Web Interface' all use our new powerful query interface similar to TeamSpeak 2's TCPQuery but much more powerful. In addition, the web interface is now an external PHP script which can be used to administer a TeamSpeak server via a web browser.

  • ClientLib/SDK is a library (dll/so) which makes it possible to interact with the server by using its simple programming interface. So, it provides the possibility to for example connect to a server, mute the microphone, or switch channels. The Capture/Playback/Input components are going to provide a plugin system which allows you to for example write your own playback plugin which streams the output to a shoutcast server in addition to playing it back. Although the UDP protocol is a superior choice for real time voice communication, TeamSpeak 3 will also provide the option of using TCP instead of UDP. Support for TCP connectivity is particularly useful for circumstances where people need to use proxies, or where UDP is completely blocked due to corporate firewalls, etc.

  • Server is fairly self-explanatory, we will support a database plugin system so for example you can write your own plugin for a completely proprietary database if you wanted to. The server components will also be available as a library version to include into your own application.
Read more at http://www.goteamspeak.com/index.php?page=blog
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Jul 02 2007 at 00:41

The sl.GameLauncher is available in a new version (0.8.1), which now supports ET:QW.
You will recieve the update automatically during the next days and those who cannot wait should use the manual update-procedure. So now you can join QW-server as you were used to connect to ET-server. Oh, yes, almost we forgot about this: We now have our official Enemy Territory:Quake Wars part on splatterladder which you can reach either directly with the game-selection up right or with this http://etqw.splatterladder.com link. There you will find a server-list and the well known features, like buddy-list and direct-connect from the website. Addtionally we have created descriptions of classes, vehicles and objectives. Because we entered some skinny you should take a look! (Translation is still in progress)

The sl.-Team wishes you a lot of fun with the QuakeWars-part and maybe we will meet on some server of the open beta
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Jun 23 2007 at 20:09


house of pain *Trick Jump Contest

14.07.2007 - 15.07.2007

The house of pain Trickjump Crew will organize a Trickjump Contest from 14.07.2007 till 15.07.2007 these Year.

The maximum number of players is 16. It's possible to join the contest with one, two or more members of one clan, but every body should jump alone. The map will be Kob Trickjump ( http://et.splatterladder.com/?mod=mapinfo&idx=578 ) . There are 21 realjumps and a little Gammajump. It will "only" give graphic awards as price because Fun is our opinion. You can place these Awards on your Clanhomepage, use it in signatures or other.

News and other stuff -> http://contest.hackyd.de You will find the register Topic there too.

have a lot of fun !
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ETKey.org Banner
Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Jun 23 2007 at 15:20

ET: Quake Wars

QW Beta Sneak Peek on fileplanet.com
We would love to give all interested player a VIP-Key, but we had only 10 to give away. Therefore we congratulate:

Walky, Rose Bud, mad mat, ForGoten, obihoernchen, as well as
ELSO Wrath, Xetron, Schwarzweiss, Letori and n1ght

The Keys have been sent via eMail to all winners. In it you will find detailed instructions and the link to file-planet. We wish all winners a lot of fun with the public beta. Your sl-Team! friends.gif
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Jun 21 2007 at 00:15

ET: Quake Wars

QW Beta Sneak Peek on fileplanet.com
In Cooperation with Splash Damage, ID Software and File Planet have we some nice candies for you today. We have also 10 VIP-Keys for the public beta of ET:QW to give away. A special concession about these keys, they are valid for the whole public beta period and guarantee an official beta key. Well, the question you would ask might be: Where and how to get these much sought-after keys?
Quite simple: You help us to fill our ET:QW forum with content. That will be screenshots, videos and most of all your first impressions, which you can deliver here. Professional criticism and suggestion for improvements can be made in the official Quakewars Community - Forum or at File Planet - Quakewars Feedback Forum. It would be fairly circuitous to hand them over to the developers. Of course we are open to a basic discussion in our forum.

For the 10 tickets there has to be at least a free FilePlanet account. With that you can exchange your tickets into public beta keys, which will open the QuakeWars World to you. zwinker.gif Well, if there is interest in these Vip-Keys and if you are also willing to fill our forum up, you should post your ET-nickname, hardware specs (processor, GPU and RAM) and a valid E-mail-address here in this thread. You will find first impressions of quakewares and public beta ingame-screenshots here.

These PR campaign will be closed at Saturday (23.06.07) - 12.00 CET! All winners will be informed on SL-Mainside and get a E-mail then with VIP-Key and more instructions about File Planet Registration procedure. All SL staff members and partnersides are excluded from this contest. There is no right of appeal.

Good luck, your sl-Team!

UPDATE: Contest closed! The winners are in short intimated! nicken.gif
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Jun 20 2007 at 18:26

ET: Quake Wars
Our Partner Site PlanetQuakeWars.net has got 10 VIP keys for the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Puplic Beta to give away. To use this beta key you don't have to be in possession of a Fileplanet premium account. Besides this the VIP keys are valid during the complete beta period. On the top of everything you nearly don't have to do anything. Apply in this thread by PlanetQuakeWars.net with your system specifications and your email adress (could be spambot secured). With some luck you will participate in the open beta without any skirmish. We wish you to have success!
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ETKey.org Banner
Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Jun 17 2007 at 10:53

ET: Quake Wars
Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Public Beta First Details

At long last, we are delighted to confirm the impending Enemy Territory:QUAKE Wars Public Beta. The ETQW Closed Beta has been going extremely well and yielding excellent results. We want to give more people the opportunity to give us feedback on the game so we’re going to open a Public Beta with 60,000 slots available. This way we’ll be able to test many more combinations of hardware, RAM, CPU, graphics card, drivers etc. than we’ve been able to ourselves, and also get a better idea of how the game plays for the general gaming public.

The Public Beta build will consist of a single map named "Sewer", which is part of ETQW’s Pacific Campaign. Set in Japan, the map revolves around a Strogg base hidden in, well, a sewer. It’s an interesting mix of outdoor and indoor, vehicle and infantry combat, deployables and counter-deployables and good old-fashioned FPS combat.

If you’d like to help us finish ETQW, we’d really appreciate your participation. If you want to just play a game for free you may find it a frustrating experience. This Public Beta is not the Demo - it’s not the finished game, but an opportunity to get feedback from a large group of people while testing stability and performance on a wider range of hardware combinations. The Public Beta will also collect some information on your hardware configuration, so you shouldn’t apply unless you’re comfortable with that.

When the Public Beta opens, participants will be sent their unique license code that is required for play. As we don’t have the infrastructure necessary to download tens of thousands of clients, we’ve asked FilePlanet to help us distribute these license codes along with the beta clients.

A fixed number of beta slots are being set aside for Fileplanet subscribers, so if you already have a FilePlanet subscription, you’re in the front of the queue. The rest of the slots will then go to those with free FilePlanet accounts. To be clear: You don’t have to pay anyone anything to participate in the ETQW Public Beta. It’s up to you if you want to pay FilePlanet for use of the improved download services
they provide.

We will reveal more details on the Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Public Beta, including the official start date, in the near future. Hope to see you all online very soon!

You should be able to download, according to what you have just readed, the ETQW Beta Client at FilePlanet, here:Download Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - Beta Client. However, I am subscribed at fileplanet with a paied account, and I cant download nothing help.gif .

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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Jun 15 2007 at 00:29


With the latest amount of cups and storys written in ET's very own
history it's time to get a new session up and to rumble the scene with a
straight amount of events in our very own Enemy Territory's 1on1, 2on2,
3on3 and ofcourse 6on6 competition area. When you expected a hot summer
with hot nights we will bring you even more of this with hot maps and
the definitely best config settings on earth.
Again, we offer a free amount of slots for our 6on6 and 3on3
Competition. We will devide a free amount of teams in each division to
give each the chance to do their best based on results achived in the
ESL and latest results in other competitions.

The king is dead - Atleast the former line up of the current VAE and
former 141.et team who is still on the very top of our last series
ranking with winning against n1ce.it, a new season can bring a new team
up to the top. According to the choice of playable maps in the past, we
have decided to take in the one and only dusty and spammy map in ET back
into our pool. For everyone who thought karsiah is playable, we will
prove you how playable the old Oasis is. With removing Frostbite and
adding Bremen in the latest version, we hope to bring you up some hot
games with much of fun playing the cup on your own.

::Sign Up Open: 22.06.2007
Start: 24.06.2007
Structure: 3 Stages
Teams: Not Limited
Divisions: Not Limited

Stage 1 Groupstage
6 Teams in each group
4 or 8 groups each division
1st advance to playoffs
2nd and 3rd in Qualifier

Stage 2 Qualifier
16 Teams
Single Elimination Bracket
1 Match and the winner is qualified for the final playoffs

Stage 3 Playoffs
8 / 16 Teams
Double Elimination Bracket
Upper Bracket: Tuesday
Lower Bracket: Thursday
· SW Goldrush TE
· Bremen (b2)
· Braundorf (b4)
· Supply
· Radar
· Oasis

With multikulti winning against teh smileyz in the last season letting
elite and sTREETFIGHTERS right in the back, a new season can bring a new
chance for those who didn't get on the top yet. With a new chance of
winning, we have also included bremen as a 3on3 map to keep the map
pools as similar as possible.

::Start: 24.06.2007
Structure: 3 Stages
Teams: Not Limited
Divisions: Not Limited

Stage 1 Groupstage
6 Teams in each group
4 / 8 / 16 groups each division
1st advance to playoffs
2nd and 3rd in Qualifier

Stage 2 Qualifier
16 / 32 Teams
Single Elimination Bracket
1 Match and the winner is qualified for the final playoffs

Stage 3 Playoffs
8 / 16 / 32 Teams
Double Elimination Bracket
Upper Bracket: Tuesday
Lower Bracket: Thursday
· SW Goldrush TE
· Bremen (b2)
· Braundorf (b4)
· Supply
· Frostbite
· ET Ice
:: SignUp

Not so major competitions
2on2 is the future!
Right away nearly one year in the past we have started our international
2on2 ladder and bringing some teams up to have fun playing et together
with their best friend. To keep this in mind for everyone, we'd like to
present the one and only 2on2 cup.
Best regards
Aim is the one and only thing that matters - NOT. In a tactic shooter
like ET even 1on1 players have fun finding tactics and playing a shooter
to do their best on the most wanted deathmatch and objective maps.

Details for 2on2 and 1on1
SignUp 2on2
SignUp 1on1

With a new season, a new config gets released - not really. We will
stick playing with the European config set until we find new settings to
shock the whole scene together with the et-cup crew and other
organisations who are willing to cooperate.
One major thing most of the people have to watch is the screenshot-rule.
Within the ESL and in official matches, screenshots for GUIDs and Rounds
have to be uploaded on the website. Not doing so can follow in penalty
Also, with forcing autorecord, every player must have ineye demos if
they are requested. Admins can request demos randomly as well as the
opponent, who does not need any reason for requesting.
During the first stage of each cup, there will be one match each week.
The maps will be forced and the teams have to agree on a date right
before the start of the matchweeek. The admins will force a date if
noone agrees. If a team is unable to show up due to problems, they are
allowed to use their wildcard before the starting time of the match.

Where is the god damn IPS?
According to questions coming up each week, we are not allowed to give
any details about a second edition of the ESL IPS for ET yet. Please
stay tuned and stick praying for us getting atleast one major online
tournament with prize money back up soon.

With GIGA2 and
GamesTV.org we will bring you the
hottest action of the most important matches live every week's Tuesday.
In addition to this coverage you can feel free to request your very own
ETTV on the GamesTV.org website.
In addition, we will bring you the recent updates right here on
Crossfire to keep everyone uptodate about the summer's one and only ET

ESL Newspost
SignUp 6on6
SignUp 3on3
SignUp 2on2
SignUp 1on1

Additional note for banned players
The reason to ban by MBI / MBL entrys (with different other matches in
the check) is easy preventing a banned player to keep on playing. To be
save, we stick banning them for everyone with a suspicious entry. Still
everyone can appeal his ban by submitting a support ticket:
Support form
After the 4 weeks, the ban can not be apealed anymore - the cheater
rehabilitaion will be the only possible way to go afterwards, this will
take 3-4 months.
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Jun 10 2007 at 13:51

ET: Quake Wars
On EnemyTerritory.com it's now available, under Downloads > Fan Site Kit, a new version of the official Fan Site Kit (V2.0).

Details: ZIP Compressed File - 51,4 MB
It contains Screenshots, Vehicles, Classes, Logos, Website Design Elements and many other things!

You can download it for free from EnemyTerritory.com.
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ETKey.org Banner
Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Jun 04 2007 at 14:55


Im proud to present You the Burner RTCW Cup powered by PowerMauerClanGermany.
Do you also wallow in old memories?
Showtime from PMCG got a great idea to bring back these old memories!
Let´s start a 6on6 RTCW Cup in hopes to see some nice matches in WTV and have some fun.

You can signup your team till 17.06.07 here: http://www.pmcgclan.de/rtcwcup/

I hope we'll receive a lot of sign-ups and it will be a great event!
This cup is covered by WTV and Shoutcast.

Cup Informations:

» Mode: 6on6
» RTCW Version : 1.41b
» Rtcw OSP Version: 0.9



Additionally the Community can vote for 2 more Maps - check the Cupsite.

I hope we will have another enjoyable event, the signups have been openend, good luck & have fun to everyone.

#burner-cup.rtcw @ Quakenet
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