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#GameRankedMapServersTypeFirst seenGamesRatingDLAvg. time Mean time needed to end map
3ETRanking enabled for this mapFuel Dump official» 36official map-1476800789%-24:12
4ETRanking enabled for this mapGold Rush official» 36official map-1660951689%-26:51
5ETRanking enabled for this mapSiwa Oasis official» 26official map-2134760790%-22:18
8ETRanking enabled for this mapWürzburg Radar official» 21official map-1357414054%-15:18
10ETRanking enabled for this mapRail Gun official» 21official map-1000237059%-23:16
4334ETRanking enabled for this mapAdlernest final*» 11objective-876208978%12:33
4958ETRanking enabled for this mapSupply final*» 11objectiveSep 16 20061372146582%18:48
5196ETRanking enabled for this mapBase Race final*» 10objectiveNov 09 2006225611278%26:43
6ETRanking enabled for this mapBattery official» 8official map-1326121971%-15:38
5006TCERanking disabled for this mapTCE Delta official» 7official mapSep 29 200669237373%-16:42
2042ETRanking enabled for this mapSW Gold Rush TE final*» 6objective-657012177%18:58
2856ETRanking enabled for this mapSW Siwa Oasis TE beta3*» 5objective-223559780%16:43
3269ETRanking enabled for this mapBraundorf beta4*» 5objective-791740074%15:58
5017ETRanking enabled for this mapSnatch! final3 + fixed version*» 5objectiveSep 30 2006259826779%18:54
9099ETRanking enabled for this mapMarrakech Streets 2 Night final*» 5objectiveOct 14 2008142810174%21:52
2RtCWRanking enabled for this mapBeach Invasion official» 4official mapJan 01 197075435179%-18:13
4732ETRanking enabled for this mapGold Rush [Greater Access] final*» 4objectiveJul 24 2006200977382%25:04
5013TCERanking disabled for this mapTCE Village official» 4official mapSep 29 200644888565%-13:53
8588ETRanking enabled for this mapSpecial Delivery TE final*» 4objectiveMay 25 2008563166082%13:22
9033ETRanking enabled for this mapStreets of Italy first playable2*» 4objectiveSep 18 2008137632578%25:36
29RtCWRanking enabled for this mapAssault official» 3official map-23189682%-15:45
90ETRanking enabled for this mapET Ice final*» 3objective-186880274%10:26
227ETRanking enabled for this mapVenice final*» 3objective-458489984%22:17
393ETRanking enabled for this mapSupply Depot 2 final*» 3objective-492188184%14:00
906ETRanking enabled for this mapValhalla Station TE final*» 3deathmatch-239491775%10:24
2281ETRanking enabled for this mapMLB Daybreak final*» 3objective-73900378%28:38
2411ETRanking disabled for this mapChoco Jump v1.3*» 3trickjump-30698670%28:58
2442ETRanking enabled for this mapReactor final*» 3objective-122947481%11:57
5018ETRanking enabled for this mapCastle Attack beta5.0*» 3objectiveOct 01 200626541681%31:42
6432ETRanking enabled for this mapGold Rush GALS final*» 3objectiveJun 14 200748503788%25:19

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