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Name: Chateau Voilegarde beta3*
Game: RtCW: Enemy Territory (ET)
Downloads: - WolfFiles (download + easy map testing)
Spring 1943. French Resistance has discovered unusual activity going on in Chateau Voilegarde, a castle nestled within the base of the Alps. An investigation revealed that the Axis have hidden a research facility within the castle's walls, developing a new radar that could reveal any location of Allied troops. Allied Command sent in a Special Forces team to break into the castle and extract the radar part. Of course, this will not be easy with the Axis Elite Guard on full alert.

- Gain Access to the Castle by Destroying the Main Entrance, Building the Assault Ramp on the East Side, and/or Destroying the Side Gate in the Basement Warehouse of the Chateau
- Capture the Forward Spawn in the Castle Courtyard shed to make the assault that much easier.
- Dynamite the Generator (located in the lobby) to gain access to the research facility and to secure the Courtyard Spawn.
- Disable the Electric Floor Controls to gain access to the radar part. Otherwise, anyone stepping into the radar room will get a "shocking" surprise.
- Take the Radar Part and secure it to the truck outside the castle wall, near the main gate.
- If constructed, dynamite the Truck Barrier, and escort that truck out of there to win the match.
- Build a Command Post, located very close to the western wall on the first floor.

- Defend the Castle's Walls by preventing the destruction of the Main Entrance, rebuilding the Side Gate if compromised, and destroying the Assault Ramp if constructed.
- Defend the Forward Spawn in the Castle Courtyard shed to continue defending the castle walls.
- Prevent the destruction of the generator (located in the lobby) to keep the facility within the castle locked down and the Courtyard Spawn under Axis control (if captured, of course).
- Maintain the Electric Floor Controls so the Allies can not take the Radar Part.
- Don't let the Allies steal the Radar Part and take it to the truck outside the castle, near the main gate.
- Disable the truck and build the truck barrier to prevent the Allies from escaping with the Radar Part.
- Build a Command Post, located very close to the western wall on the first floor.


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