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ET: __bridges__

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Name: Bridges final*
Game: RtCW: Enemy Territory (ET)
Downloads: - WolfFiles (download + easy map testing)
The Bridges Map is set around a railway line in a wintery, mountainous landscape in Northern Italy circa 1944. A number of Axis soldiers are trying to get away with a train load of booty before the advancing Allies catch up with them - have they left it too late?

The map is a large multiplayer game map that can host up to 64 players. It is not a small arena style affair, although the gameplay works with smaller teams too. (better in my opinion, 6-10 a side is my preferred number of players - this ensures that all player classes have their roles cut out and teamplay is better) As in all maps the better co-ordinated team is going to win.

In the game the Axis team need to get the train ("rail vehicle" as the commander calls it :) ) to the train cargo to win. First they have to get the train fixed with the spare parts that are on the truck. Then they have to negotiate the bridges which need rapairing and can be damaged by the Allied team. There are some 'tight spots' to deal with along the way.

__bridges__ has evolved from a series of betas; bridges, bridges_beta, bridges_beta3, bridges_beta4 and bridges_beta5. Many improvements and amendments have been made along the way. It has therefore been thoroughly tested and is relatively bullet proof. Thanks are in order to those that tested it and sent me their ideas, observations and opinions for development.

The Axis are attempting to escape Eastwards from Northern Italy with a train cargo of booty. To do this they need to fix the train.
Trouble is that the Allies are on to them!

The map is a linear map made up of 4 open areas connected by road and rail tunnels.
The objectives are vehicles; the Spares Truck and the Train. Axis have to take the Spares Truck across the map to the Train
which can then be fixed. Then they must get the Train back across the map to the cargo to win.
At roughly half way across the map there is a command post that both teams can destroy/construct.
In both middle sections of the map are capturable spawn flags.


The vehicles are the main objectives for the level and the gameplay should follow these, but the winning team will may well
be the controller of the forward spawn points.
Capturing the forward flags is essential to be able to control the middle areas of the level; to allow/obstruct progress/access to/of the vehicles.
Forward spawn locations: The Boathouse and The House - the Boathouse is at gamestart Allied and the House is at gamestart Axis. 

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