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ET: outer_space

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Name: Outer Space*
Game: RtCW: Enemy Territory (ET)
Downloads: - WolfFiles (download + easy map testing)
Info: Note: Axis team is attacking, Allies are Defending.

- Axis will spawn in their attack ship, and need to destroy the East and West Energy crystal to open the portal
- Once the portal is open, axis will spawn in front of it. Now they need to destroy the Door to the power crystal
- Additionally the Axis team can destroy the Side wall to get a extra route trough the sewer to get to the door.
- Once the door has been blown. they way is open to destroy the Power crystal.
- Additionally the Axis team can try to build the neutral command post.
- Additionally the Axis team must blow up the power crystal defenses.

- Allies need to prevent the Axis team from opening the portal, by preventing the East and West energy crystal getting blown up.
- Additionally the Allied team can construct the protection MG on the main deck.
- if the Axis succeed opening the portal, the Allies must prevent the Door to the power crystal to be blown up.
- If the Axis team sill is able to succeed, the allies must prevent at all cost that the power crystal gets destroyed.
- Additionally the Allied team can build a command post.
- Additionally the Allied team can build power crystal defenses to slow down the axis attackers.


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