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This server has 3 fans. Operator of this server: hYpe}
ET: CTF Multi 2 final*

Votes: 22 - Rating: 59%
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Name:        [hYpeRECRUITIN XPS
Game RtCW: Enemy Territory
Protocol: 84 (ET 2.60)
Mod: jaymod 2.2.0
Gametype: Objective
Player 0 / 24
Maptime Map timelimit: 15 minutes
0 minutes to play
  Dial Up Modem Players allowed (Antilag)
  Limited Heavy Weapons
  Balanced Teams enforced
  no Friendly Fire activated
  PunkBuster unprotected
System: ET 3.00 - TB 0.7.4 win-x86
Location: United Kingdom, North America
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