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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Aug 10 2006 at 02:13

Today, ClanBase announces fundamental changes to its GUID banning system.

Up until now, ClanBase simply listed GUID’s on the Cheaters page, alongside the player’s information. We relied heavily on manual GUID checks by admins to determine whether a certain GUID was in fact used by cheaters. This proved ineffective as GUID’s did indeed make their way back onto ClanBase.

Effective immediately, ClanBase's new system will deny banned GUID’s the opportunity to be (re)used in player's profiles.

When you enter a GUID into your player profile it will be checked against our database. If the GUID has been banned, it will not accept it and will request that you enter a new valid GUID.

This will directly combat returning cheaters being able to use their old GUID. It will have an immediate impact on ALL GUID-supported games.

At 00:00 CET tonight, ClanBase will import its ban list into the database.

Any account that currently has a banned GUID entered will have their GUID automatically removed and will have to enter a valid GUID.

We hope that this shows our determination within ClanBase Cheat & Abuse to make this a cleaner and safer site for all of our users.
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