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Wolf Enstein - 8 hours 37 minutes agoHello, Kate :) .
macbeth - 19 hours 22 minutes agoholla guys ?
macbeth - 8 days 7 hours 15 minutes agoyes been around during 1 hour yesterday
Wolf Enstein - 8 days 17 hours 13 minutes agoI've no idea, Kate, I checked them there and they seem fine now.
macbeth - 9 days 4 hours 41 minutes agowhy our servers appears to be down when we are playing ?
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Written by Wolffiles, Apr 30 2020 at 16:08


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= RealRtCW 3.0 - Complete Edition =

Wolfetplayer has released the latest version of his 'RealRtCW' modification for 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein'. This new release is entitled, 'RealRtCW 3.0 - Complete Edition' and to refer to this as being 'just' a mod is most definitely not doing it justice.

This is the equivalent of a complete rebuild of this classic game, including a new game engine, new weapons, new high polly models, atmospheric effects, HD textures, a new 'HUD' and 'UI', a new recoil system and as if all that wasn't enough, we now have support for 35 of the very best custom singleplayer add-ons.

What if you want to try the 'vanilla' release of 'RtCW' on its own, without all of the custom add-ons? That's no problem either, because Wolfetplayer has created a 'lite' version of 'RealRtCW' for this very purpose.

This new release is a masterpiece and a definite 'must have' for all fans of 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein'.


Download RealRtCW 3.0 - Complete Edition HERE

Download RealRtCW 3.0 - Lite HERE

Source - ModDB - Wolfetplayer

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