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Mr. Hopper!
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Damn, I'm good!
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Call me god!
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U don't have a woman?
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The best place
[!!!]Hirntot no HW, 10 ...
Wolf Enstein - 19 hours 43 minutes agoFolk now have the time to try different thngs, mate, that will be the reason.
Psycho_007 - 1 day 9 hours 26 minutes agoOver the past weeks I've been noticing a downfall in the amount of visitors my ET TJ server has, the covid-19 effect has decreased it seems
Wolf Enstein - 7 days 7 hours 8 minutes agoDid you get that 'pm', Slim?
Wolf Enstein - 15 days 11 hours 9 minutes agoGot it, mate, thanks.
Psycho_007 - 15 days 12 hours 3 minutes ago@Wolf Enstein I sent you a PM but it seems a little bit glitchy so did you receive one?
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Written by Wolffiles, May 31 2019 at 17:24


= Splatterladder Wolf:ET HD Pack =

= Update =


Apparently, this version of our 'Wolf: ET' HD Pack is still having to be downloaded from the servers when players, who don't already have the file, connect to them. This is my fault, I made a last minute change to the beta 2.5 version, just prior to releasing it. The file isn't huge, about half a gigabyte in size, but some servers still have slow download speeds, even in today's modern internet world. My apologies to all of the folk who helped me in creating the HD Pack.

An updated version is already being worked on and we'll notify you all when this is completed. My apologies to anyone who has been inconvenienced by this unexpected development. - Wolf Enstein

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