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Wolf Enstein - 9 days 14 hours 54 minutes agoAlways good to see these cheats getting banned, Kate :) .
macbeth - 9 days 23 hours 4 minutes ago2019-10-07 14:25:27 ACR: Player ^7[^2C^7x^2X^7]-^2ReM^702- silEnT GUID (341DBB96BE370845C43A01CE9C3F6818) IP ( banned for det
Meister Gandalf - 20 days 8 hours 53 minutes agomumble back online thnx
Wolf Enstein - 27 days 15 hours 16 minutes agoThanks for the info', Gandalf.
Meister Gandalf - 27 days 16 hours 19 minutes ago4info: mumble Server offline
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Written by Wolffiles, May 27 2019 at 23:19


= Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

= ET: Legacy - Coders Needed =


In respects to "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" and "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory", our Wolfenstein Community has been very fortunate over the years to have enjoyed so many superb game modifications. These community-created mods have enhanced our Wolfenstein games and in turn, our gaming experience too, giving us a very varied and enjoyable menu to choose from.

However, with regards to "Wolf: ET", we at Splatterladder and Wolffiles have to give a special mention to one modification in particular and that is the excellent "ET: Legacy Mod". This is far more than a game modification, it's actually a rebuild of the game, from the ground up, just like it's "RtCW" counterpart, "ioRtCW".

At this moment in time, "ET: Legacy" is considered by many players to be the future of our beloved game and every year it just gets better and better. The Devteam have many helpers, in respects to mappers, testers and bug reporting, but they still lack the necessary numbers in respects to game coders which, if rectified, would really increase the progress of game development.

If you are a coder, or have friends who code, please visit the Devteam on their "Discord" channel and discuss how you can help contribute to this superb game rebuild. You won't regret it.


ET: Legacy Discord channel HERE

ET: Legacy Official website HERE

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