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Written by Wolffiles, May 21 2019 at 17:19


= Enemy Territory II =

= A Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Remake Project =


Long-time "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" fan and member of the "Crossfire.nu" gaming community, who goes by the name of Chubb, has assembled a Devteam in order to begin a project that we've all hoped we'd see one day, a modern recreation of our beloved "Wolf: ET" on a brand new gaming engine.

The "alpha" stage has now begun and the map that has been the main focus for now is the classic custom "ETPro" map, "Supply Depot". Here's what Chubb had to say about recent project developments and the progress made so far:

"We'd like to thank everyone for the amazing feedback via Youtube, Instagram and on the Crossfire.nu. website. Thank you to all of our donors too, your support definitely gave us a boost. We invite everyone to actively take part in our contest and we’ll consider every suggestion." - Chubb

The contest Chubb is refering to is the chance for our Wolfenstein Community to take part in officially naming this new project. The person who's name suggestion is selected will receive his/her name in the game credits, a free copy of the game and also a choice of game merchandise in the future.


Enemy Territory 2 on Youtube HERE

Enemy Territory 2 on Instagram HERE

Source - crossfire.nu - Chubb

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