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macbeth - 7 days 7 hours 10 minutes ago@Wolfie no problem t all
Wolf Enstein - 9 days 4 hours 26 minutes agoThat's it fixed, Kate, sorry for the delay.
macbeth - 9 days 13 hours 56 minutes agoBill i forgot our nitmod server : ( Server editor ip thanks
Wolf Enstein - 10 days 12 hours 31 minutes agoHopefully that should be it now, Kate.
Wolf Enstein - 10 days 12 hours 49 minutes agoThat link doesn't work, Kate.
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Written by Wolffiles, May 06 2019 at 22:53


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= Loffy's RtCW Map-making Tutorials -


Loffy from our Wolfenstein Community has created three new videos for all new "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" mappers to learn from and enjoy. Each video is a step-by-step guide on the tools needed to create maps, how to use and install these tools and how to progress in the basics of map-making.

Here's what Loffy had to say about his new videos, "I just wanted to take the time to create and upload a video where you can peek over my shoulder to see how I do it. You can download the necessary files from this forum post over at reputable SplashDamage website.".

Loffy on SplashDamage HERE

Source - Splatterladder - Ronboy

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