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Mr. Hopper!
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Damn, I'm good!
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NAMECAPS in Beach Invas...
Call me god!
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U don't have a woman?
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The best place
Dualitium - 19 hours 26 minutes agoSounds good ! Thanks mate
Wolf Enstein - 1 day 10 hours 28 minutes agohttps://ets-clan.com/
Wolf Enstein - 1 day 10 hours 28 minutes agoShe might even rent you one, she has her own main server box now.
Wolf Enstein - 1 day 10 hours 29 minutes agoYou could ask Kate, the leader of the Ets| Clan, for help, mate. She runs lots of servers.
Dualitium - 1 day 12 hours 7 minutes agoThanks mate, I will probably need some advice/guidance on how to run it too
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Written by Wolffiles, Jan 17 2019 at 17:41


= Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

= ET: Legacy - version 2.76 =


Dear Wolf: ET Community, we hope all of you have thoroughly enjoyed your Christmas break and have endured a pleasant start into 2019. I'm sure most of you have gained a few pounds from all the delicious Christmas food and are trying to cut it down but before you get up and start jogging around we ask that you hold onto your seats a little longer as we've got one more present for you! It's been a while since our last release, but today's the day! - ET: Legacy team

What's new? :

* VM_Create on UI error is resolved so no more manual work-arounds are necessary.
* Bayesian skill rating is implemented allowing for global comparison of skill among players.
* WolfAdmin is now the default game manager, providing many useful admin commands.
* Our own master server is up and running, so even if id master goes down you're good to go.
* Renderer2 + assets will be available in a bit, bringing you the best graphics for ET yet (experimental).

Full changelog HERE


Download ET: Legacy 32-bit for windows HERE

Download ET: Legacy Mac OS X 64-bit HERE

Download ET: Legacy Linux 32-bit and 64-bit HERE

ET: Legacy website HERE

Source - Splatterladder - KeMoN



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