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Wolf Enstein - 20 hours 28 minutes agoThanks for the info', Gandalf.
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Wolf Enstein - 3 days 16 hours 53 minutes agoI posted a reply on your website, Kate.
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Wolf Enstein - 3 days 17 hours agoI'm just too busy right now, Dual, sorry.
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Jul 24 2006 at 21:39

UPDATE: sl.Binaural is the new contact person for EditSigns! (Translations SL) Please write only to him for requests! @Sonyfan

Because we want to shape our SL more international we need people who support us active. We mentioned this topic earlier, but it did got down 'somewhere'. Sorry for that.
We are looking for translators for the world-wide spoken language Spanish and French. Further languages like Italian, Polish, Dutch and Finnish are also welcome as well as Japanese and Korean. We are completely cosmopolitan, but the language should be written fluent. The more languages we provide, the more international becomes the SL!

The translating itself is quite easy. No additional program is needed! Every Translator gets access to EditSigns. Via editor-pencil a text-part is translated very flexible. A translation-tool developed by proddi which allows everyone to translate the SL into the respective language will be therefor provided. It is integrated into the SL and will work self-explanatory.

Furthermore we want to arrange the newspart more vibrant. That means we want you to be instrumental in delivering content to the SL. In a manner of speaking the SL should customize to you, in place of you adapting to the SL. The ones who are interested can leave a personal touch to the SL. For the time being we are in need of newsscouts for the languages English, German and French. The news will be delivered through our forum and should deal about online-gaming. We will cross-read and unlock them and they should appear on the start-side. This experience is the one we are looking for, from sl.-user to sl.-user.

So if you are interested please send a little sample of text per PM to Sonyfan or per eMail to sonyfan(at)splatterladder(dot)com. Everything further, like details of how it works or what you will get and when it will start will be given then per eMail or PM.

Best regards,

Your SL-Team!
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