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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Sep 05 2006 at 16:53

ET: Quake Wars
We had to remove our QuakeWars video from the "Games Convention 2006" after that on request of Activision Germany. Now the issue should be resolved and we can officially offer you the video for the download again.

Some words about the footage:
This is the first video in which the Stroggs are shown a little more nearly.
At the beginning a little flair of the Games Convention is arranged for you. After that it goes with the oppressor in a Hornet through the valley map. Who don't looks only at the crosshair recognize the magnificent wide view. Our oppressor shows how one requests a plasma artillery gun and use this very efficient for a multikill. He also uses the "Ikarus" backpack. All in all a couple of interesting insights into the (sometimes short) life of the Stroggs.

Download: from our affiliate planetquakewars.net (56.24 MB, DivX5)
Stream: YouTube-Stream in a lower resolution

A special thanks goes to Matt 'Wils' Wilson (Lead Level Designer from SplashDamage) and to Activision Germany and USA.
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