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Written by RtCW4ever, Jun 12 2016 at 18:12


Juissi presents his new Enemy Territory Trickjump Movie with nice jumps on many TJ maps.

Maps: Airwaves_b1, Bounce_b1, Eatme, Insane 1_8, Mrmen_gamma_final, OldTjJumps_Final, Still_b1

Editor: Diviless
Jumper: Juissi
Resolution: 1600x900
Rendering Time: 2h 15min

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Written by Wolffiles, May 31 2016 at 00:33


= Biohazard Beta 1 =


This is a new fun map created by Devils Right Hand.


It's July 24th 1998 in Raccoon City. A series of bizarre murders have occurred on the outskirts of Raccoon City, each victim has been attacked by a group who leave signs of cannibalism on the victims' remains. The Raccoon Police Department, Special Tactics And Rescue Service, are assigned to investigate the murders.

The Special Tactics And Rescue Service is divided into two teams, Alpha and Bravo. Bravo Team is sent first, but after contact with them is lost,  Alpha Team is sent to investigate both the grisly murders and to find the reason behind the disappearance of Bravo Squad.


Download the new map HERE

Source - SplashDamage - TwT Thunder

TheWolfTeam website HERE

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Written by RtCW4ever, May 30 2016 at 18:42


LoRenz presents his new Enemy Territory Sniper map - LRS Stadium Sniper beta 1.
Quote: Hi all, this time, we are inside a soccer stadium. We have only to snipe the other supporters.
Crossing is not possible.

***Thanks to Elite for his music***
***Thanks to Oldboy for the nice billboards***

Have fun.

Source: Big thx to LoRenz via Mail

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Written by RtCW4ever, May 29 2016 at 00:28


Splash Damage's first game - Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - was released exactly THIRTEEN YEARS ago. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was born on 29/05/2003. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was originally planned to be released as a commercial expansion pack to the popular FPS Return to Castle Wolfenstein and later as a standalone game.

SplashDamage@Twitter: To celebrate 's birthday we're giving away this signed copy! - Winner chosen @ random!

wolfet sl win

However, due to problems with the single-player aspect, the multiplayer portion was released on 29 May 2003 as a freeware standalone game.
In January 2004, the source code for the game logic (not the game engine) was released to the benefit of its modding community.
The game uses a modified Return to Castle Wolfenstein engine, itself being a heavily modified Quake III: Team Arena engine (id Tech 3, which has been open-source since 2005).

As of the first day of the 2010 QuakeCon, 12 August the entire source code was released under the GNU General Public License v3.Multiple source ports have been started.

While the attempts made by OpenWolf and ET:Xreal concentrate on innovating the renderer, the most active community project ET: Legacy focuses on fixing issues by backporting improvements from ioquake3 while staying binary compatible to the original game client, server and its mods.

Source: splashdamage.com | twitter/splashdamage

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Written by Wolffiles, May 28 2016 at 03:21


= War Missile FP4 =


This is a new Allied-attack map, created by ETc|gouki, Nico$ and ETc|#.Jay.#

= Storyline =

The Axis Forces have begun to manufacture the deadliest V2 missiles ever created. They are producing these mega weapons at a heavily-guarded secret factory and the first of these new V2 missiles is ready to be launched against the Allied attackers in Europe.

Allied HQ has discovered the secret location of the V2 factory and despatched one of their elite Commando Units to destroy the factory before the first of these missiles can be launched against them.

=Allied Objectives =

**Capture the forward flag and defend it.

**Destroy the factory generator.

**Repair the Allied Command Post and defend it.

**Destroy the Axis Command Post.

**Destroy the main generator, thus preventing the V2 missile from being launched.

= Screenshots =

Download the new map HERE

Alternative download HERE

Source - Splashdamage - ETc|#.Jay.#

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Written by Wolffiles, May 23 2016 at 16:43


= CTF Firelite Beta 1 =


This is Magic's new map release, CFT Firelite. As the title of the map suggests, it's a new "CTF", ( Capture The Flag ), frag map. On this version, however, it's not just  a case of capturing and defending various flags in order to win the round.

Each team must capture the enemy's flags and get them all the way back to their own base. Each team must complete this objective for a total of three times to gain victory over their opponents.

Magic would like to thank the following members of the Wolfenstein Community for their help in creating his new map:

- Dood for the map botfiles and waypoints

- Avoc for the map skybox

- Rayban for his example maps and models

= Screenshots =

Download the new map HERE

Source - Splashdamage - Magic

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Written by Wolffiles, May 16 2016 at 15:19


= ET Dark PHX - a.k.a. ET Dark Road =


This is a Wolf ET remake of the Return to Castle Wolfenstein singleplayer classic map, "Dark", which has been created by Pheonix and R3b3L. 


The Allied troops must steal a Jadgpanther tank and fight their way through the long dark road that leads to Wolfenstein. The Allies will use their stolen tank to blast open an access route that will take them to the tomb of the war god, Heinrich, who the Axis forces are determined to resurrect in order to change the course of the war.

Once the access route to Heinrich's tomb is opened, the Allies must plant and detonate dynamite inside the underground tomb in order to rid the world of the threat of Heinrich once and for all. The Axis forces will do all in their power to prevent this from happening.

"I'm sure that this map, regardless of the objectives, will be appreciated by most of the veteran RtCW and Wolf ET players and I hope that it revives many beautiful and nostalgic moments from Return to Castle Wolfenstein." - Pheonix


Download or test the new map HERE

Source - Splashdamage - Pheonix


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Written by RtCW4ever, May 07 2016 at 23:46


Enemy Territory Snipermap UJE skull sniper beta 1 made by  [UJE] Niek

Again a kind of spooky map.
It's a dark arena setting ,where it's possible to cross ...
The gates will open every 2 minutes so non crossers will have a good time too , i hope.....
It's not easy to cross you first have to find the way.

* Alot of funny and scary sounds in it
* Gate scripting made by Sage (Thanks for that)
* Beast inside

Source: ujeclan.com

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Written by Wolffiles, May 05 2016 at 15:21


Battalion 1944 - State of the Union Livestream


As the majority of our players and developers are interested in the Battlefield announcement, currently slated for same time as we intended to stream, we have chosen to move our "State of the Union" Dev Stream to Friday May 13th, 2016 at 19:00 GMT with Community Manager BigTuna and Executive Producer Joe Brammer.

Battalion 1944 has been funded for 2 months now. Therefore we have a lot to update you all on so we are all excited for this Livestream and to let you know the developments that have been made.



Recently the Devteam ran a poll on the forums to decide the best night for Bulkhead to present the Battalion livestreams. The community spoke and they have been heard. Bulkhead will be streaming live from their office on Friday May 13th at 19:00 GMT.

Here's a recap on what is happening and what we will be covering during our Livestream:

- Budget and Financing Battalion
- The Game Developers Conference and how it benefitted Battalion
- Our plans for Anti-Cheat and Server Hosting going forward
- Announcing the details of our first Community Play Night!
- The new Battalion website & PayPal
- Live Q&A

At approximately 21:30 GMT we will release an update on the Kickstarter page and the forums disclosing a text based version of the Battalion 1944 finances.

Have any questions? After the talking points are complete, Joe and Tuna will participate in a live Q&A and will aim to get through as many of your questions as possible!

You have a Twitter account? Then please follow Battalion 1944 on Twitter for all important updates and developments HERE

To tune in to the Livestream, join thousands of Battalion fans and follow the Bulkhead Interactive Twitch Channel HERE

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Written by Wolffiles, May 03 2016 at 16:14


= RtCW SP Station - Stalingrad & Green Forest - Remastered =


This is Vicpas' new remastered release of the Return to Castle Wolfenstein singleplayer missions, "Station", Stalingrad" and "Green Forest", which were originally created by Dialog.

= Changes =

- All missing textures have been fixed

- The "alarm" problem on the "Station" mission is now corrected

- All the necessary drivers needed are included in the download

***Please remember to make a backup of your original RtCW drivers, prior to installing the new missions.***

Many thanks to Dialog and Vicpas for all their hard work.

= Screenshots =

Download the new remastered versions HERE

Dialog on Youtube HERE

Vicpas on Youtube HERE

Source - Splashdamage - Vicpas



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Written by Wolffiles, Apr 29 2016 at 14:23



Now... it is time for a new funny day on AoS, we will try to make some fun at Saturday 30th April.
It starts around 19.00 CET, maybe we are earlier on our server so just try log on.
Also we updated our facebook site , you can also have a look at: www.facebook.com/groups/armyofsociety/

As always we will be on our teamspeak...
Feel free and connect to : ts.aos-et.com or

Amadeus Chief of Staff


Source: AoS-Clan

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Written by Wolffiles, Apr 19 2016 at 14:54


= Raid Final =


This is the final version of  Magic's Allied-attack map, "Raid".

= Storyline =

The Axis forces have hidden a stash of gold in a nearby library, located in a beautiful Italian village. The Allies must steal a truck and fight their way through the village to the library. Once there, they must raid the library vault, steal the gold crate, put it on the truck and make their escape.

= Screenshots =

Download the new version HERE

Source - Splashdamage - Magic

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Written by RtCW4ever, Apr 18 2016 at 18:44


LoRenz presents his new Enemy Territory Sniper map - LRS Highway Sniper beta 1.

"This map we are in a traffic jam, so, we can spend our time for snipe, and try to get out alive. Watch your steps, if you fall from the vehicle, you die."

Thanks to |LRS|Mo0n, Cate Armstrong and me, who gave their face for the drivers.
Thanks to (HBC)Hannes who gave his motorbike picture and sound.
Thanks to |LRS|Elite who gave his music for trucks.

Have fun :-)

Source: Big thx to LoRenz via Mail

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Written by RtCW4ever, Apr 15 2016 at 20:23


Wolfenstein4ever celebrates 10th anniversary - Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Enemy Territory are still alive, thanks to a hard-working community, faithful players, some websites and the fact that there are still no new comparable MP game, which is also still free.

I wish you all still a lot of fun with our beloved Wolf games as long as possible!! ;-)

Wolfenstein4ever feiert 10 jähriges bestehen - Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Enemy Territory leben immer noch, dank fleißiger Community, treuen Spielern, einigen Webseiten und der Tatsache, das es immer noch kein neues vergleichbares MP-Game gibt, welches auch noch kostenlos ist.

Ich wüsnche euch allen weiterhin viel Spaß mit unseren geliebten Wolfgames, solange es geht! ;-)

d3Xter @ wolfenstein4ever

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Written by RtCW4ever, Apr 15 2016 at 20:22


Thud in the Sand Beta 1 - This is a new ET Allied-attack map created by WuTangH. The map environment is situated in a small Egyptian-styled town and ends up in underground Axis bunkers.

Allied Objectives
Primary: Steal the Dynamite and deliver it to the truck.
Primary: Escort the truck and destroy the city gate.
Primary: Destroy the tunnels gate to gain access into underground bunkers.
Primary: Use the button in the control cabin to move the rockets out of safe.
Primary: Steal the Captains key from his table and deliver it to the safe to open it.
Primary: Steal the case, moneypack 1 and moneypack 2 and deliver them to the green truck in the rich part of city.
Secondary: Destroy the hovel wall to gain one more access point that leads to the dynamite.

Source: wolffiles.de

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