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Wolf Enstein - 10 days 4 hours 19 minutes ago:)
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Written by Wolffiles, Apr 14 2018 at 16:25


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein Cooperative Mod =


Part two of the RtCWCoop (Anniversary Upgrade) weekly walkthrough in "Nighmare" mode.

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Written by Wolffiles, Apr 09 2018 at 16:53


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= Wolfenstein Skeleton Exporter v1.1 =


Due to many of the original links to this software now being in a "broken" state, we have uploaded it to "Wolffiles.de" for easy download access for our Wolfenstein Community.

This software was originally created by Jim Dosé of "Ritual Entertainment" and then modified by TiCaL of the "Tramdesign" website. Many thanks also to Ryan Feltrin for his input in the development of this excellent software.

The "Wolfentein Skeletal Exporter" imports/exports skeleton models (*.MDS) for use with "Return to Castle Wolfenstein". It supports Character Studio v2.2 or higher and can be used in conjunction with "3DS Max". The download includes the "buildmds.dll" and the "skelout.dle" files, a "readme.mht" is also included, which will take you to the webpage with all the installation instructions you need.

Download the software HERE

Source - Wolfenstein European Brigade - {WeB}*GANG$TA*


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Written by Wolffiles, Apr 06 2018 at 16:57


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein Cooperative Mod =


This is the start of the "RtCWCoop" (Anniversary Upgrade) weekly walkthrough, with William (TITEUF-85) and Charles (Rocket_Warrior85). Follow them on their journey as they return to Castle Wolfenstein and beyond, fighting their way through amazing custom maps.

RtCW Cooperative Mod website HERE

85 Productions website HERE

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Written by Wolffiles, Apr 05 2018 at 17:16


= Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

= UJE Paris =


This the first public release of the "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" map, "UJE Paris", created by the [UJE] Clan. The map has excellent gameplay and the map lighting and textures are superb too. Another bonus for us is the fact that it's also an Axis-attack map, so grab your MP40 and complete those objectives, Soldat!



[UJE] Clan website HERE                               

Download the UJE Paris map HERE

Source - Wolfenstein4ever - D3xt3r


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Written by RtCW4ever, Apr 04 2018 at 18:21


[UJE] Niek releases his new handsome Enemy Territory map - UJE-Paris beta 1.

The Axis forces are invading Paris this time. They are on their way passing the Seine into the center of Paris where they want to destroy the Eiffel Tower.
France will be fallen if they succeed. The Allied forces need to stop them at all costs

Axis Objective
* Escort both Tanks into Paris
* Destroy 2 Tank barriers
* Destroy the Eiffel Tower
* Build the commandpost

Allied Objective
* Stop the Tanks
* Build the commandpost

Special thanks to Fabi for the scripting adjustments and thanks to everyone that keeps the game alive.
And thanks for whoever made the models ,they rock.

Source: www.ujeclan.com | Niek via FB

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Written by Wolffiles, Apr 03 2018 at 15:38


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= RtCW Venom Mod v5.4 - 2018 - Updated =


This is Hellbaron's latest update for his superb "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" modification, "RtCW Venom Mod".

Change log:

# Fixed the third person model of the venom gun and sten gun (SP/MP).

# Better terrain resolution.

# New textures, new effects and better bullet marks.


Download the new version of standard Venom Mod HERE

Download the new Nvidia version HERE

Hellbaron on ModDB HERE

Source - RonboyProductions - Ronboy

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Written by Wolffiles, Mar 08 2018 at 20:32


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= American Civil War Mod =

= Alpha-Test =


This is PAV's alpha-test release of his "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" singleplayer modification "American Civil War". Lots of new maps to play as you fight your way through this wild west adventure.


PAV's website HERE

Download the alpha-test version HERE

The download includes Knightmare's "RtCW" patch for those who wish to utilise modern screen resolutions.

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Written by Wolffiles, Mar 04 2018 at 21:38


= RTCW Venom Mod v5.4 - 2018 =


Hellbaron has released an updated version of his excellent "RtCW Venom Mod".


~ Fixed the fonts for "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" multiplayer.

~ Fixed some more textures.

~ Added a new shield effect for both singleplayer and multiplayer.


Download "RtCW Venom Mod v5.4 - 2018" HERE

Download "RtCW Venom Mod Nvidia - 2018" HERE

Source - ModDB - Hellbaron

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Written by Wolffiles, Feb 20 2018 at 19:23


= Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

= Arta Beta 1 =


This is the first "beta" release of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory map, "Arta", created by Sage and Pegazus from SM-Mapping.


After the attack at Capuzzo Airport, the Axis engineers have moved their engineering project to an underground base in Arta, Greece. With the surrender of the Italian government, the German forces are most likely to withdraw to the north and carry on their super plane project in mainland Germany.

This is the last chance for the Allies to stop the Axis super plane project. If the Allies lose this battle then the Luftwaffe will dominate the skies once again.


Download the new version with botfiles HERE

Source - Splatterladder - Sage

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Written by Wolffiles, Feb 08 2018 at 03:15


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= Real Gunshots Mod - Created by Saxon =


This is the real gunshots mod for Return to Castle Wolfenstein, created by Saxon, which has been fixed and updated by GlitchyJoe from ModDB. Here's what he had to say about this update:

Saxon's (all credit to him) mod was incorrectly made and not maintained. He must have used a 7zip file and renamed the extention to .pk3 from .7z This is incorrect. You must take an existing .pk3 file, empty it and then mod it's insides as you desire or simply rename a zip file to pk3.

About the Mod:

Real weapon sounds pack for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. The audio in this pack replaces most of the default weapon sounds for RtCW, including the default reload sounds.

- Weapon sounds included are:
- Colt 1911
- FG42
- M1 Carbine silenced Snooper Rifle
- Luger P08
- Mauser K98 (yeah I know, technically the in-game model is a Garand but whatever)
- MG42
- MP40
- Silenced Sten
- Thompson
- Venom (sounds were pulled from an MG42, because this gun is fake)

I've also included some proper German voices which are unused sounds from Condition Zero. It's kind of nice to hear proper German in-game! Sadly I haven't been able to replace the scripted voices.

Please do not re-use these sounds without permission.


Just place the .pk3 file in the main folder of Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Download the sound mod HERE

GlitchyJoe on ModDB HERE

Saxon on ModDB HERE

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Written by Wolffiles, Jan 26 2018 at 21:23


= RTCW Venom Mod v5.4 Nvidia build =


This is Hellbaron's new releaese of his superb "Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Venom Mod Version 5.4" exclusively for Nvidia graphics card users, those players who have never been able to enjoy the full benefits of using this excellent modification.


Download the new Nvidia version HERE

RtCW 1.4 and 1.41 patches HERE

Hellbaron on ModDB HERE

Source - Ronboyproductions - Ronboy


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Written by Wolffiles, Jan 16 2018 at 19:16


= Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory =

= Blackmoon Raid Beta 1 =


This is the first "beta" release of "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" map, "Blackmoon Raid", created by WuTangH.

The Allied squad must escort their tank to the Axis Depot, through the heavily-defended town, in order to reach and destroy the Axis power generator located there. The Axis squad must do all in their power to stop them.




Download the new map HERE

Botfiles, created by Mateos, included in the map download file.

Source - Splatterladder - -|D|-Ray

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Written by Wolffiles, Dec 27 2017 at 20:30


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= RealRtCW - version 2.2 =


Great news for our Wolfenstein Community, as WolfETPlayer releases the latest version of his superb mod, "RealRtCW". A very nice Christmas present for us all to enjoy :) .

What's New?

Overhauled difficulty system to satisfy both new and experienced players. Your maximum health and ammo capacity depends on the difficulty level. Enemies accuracy,health and reaction time depends on it as well. In the "vanilla" version of the game all this stuff was the same for every difficulty level.

It looks something like this now:

Easy - Full health, increased ammo capacity, increased pickups values, low AI accuracy, low AI health

Medium - Full health, standard ammo capacity, standard pickups values, medium AI accuracy, medium AI health

Hard - 3/4 health, lowered ammo capacity, low pickups values, increased AI accuracy, medium AI health

Death Incarnate - 1/2 health, low ammo capacity, low pickups values, insane AI accuracy, increased AI health

Also some balance tweaks were done:

Pistols' fire rates increased
G43 and M1_Garand damage increased
Sprint speed increased
MP40 fire rate decreased
PPSH fire rate increased
MP34 magazine capacity increased to 32, fire rate increased
FG42 zoom increased
Mauser rifle damage decreased for AI
AI can't headshot the player now
Armour protection value slightly increased
Gib health increased to avoid silly gibbing

Reworked User Interface:

The old interface was fine, but not very comfortable. Me and AidenDemon made some tweaks to it to make it shine. Loadscreens were redone from scratch by AidenDemon. The "UI" is fully compatible with both widescreens and 4:3 ratios.

Renderer2 is fully compatible with RealRTCW now. You can use new iortcw renderer with RealRTCW. All crashes were fixed. Renderer specific CVARS were added in the main menu.

New brass effect ported from "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory". Shell vectors were changed, shells ground impact sounds added.


Download the new version of RealRtCW HERE

Addon Packs:

Download RealCapuzzo 2.2 HERE

Download RealHiddenWolf 2.2 HERE

Download RealPharoh 2.2 HERE

Download RealProject51 2.2 HERE

Download RealStalingrad 2.2 HERE

Download RealTimegate 2.2 HERE

Download RealTrondheim 2.2 HERE

WolfETPlayer on ModDB HERE

Source - Wolfenstein4ever - D3xt3r

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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Nov 01 2017 at 16:57

Hi folks,
maybe you noticed the current hype. And what the hell is a hype if nobody follows?.
We do follow. Splatterladder is starting to use https encryption.
During the next weeks, successive each SL section will be available over the https-protocol.

Therefore, starting from today, the ET part is accessible over

If you're using our server monitor, mumble-viewer or the signature, you can switch to https also.
(Maybe you noticed, that http-content included on https-sites causes a warning in the browsers address bar).

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Written by Wolffiles, Dec 15 2017 at 14:50


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= RealRtCW - Realism Mod =


WolfETPlayer has just released a new screenshot and video footage of the new sten gun model for "RealRtCW", folks:



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