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Written by Wolffiles, Dec 05 2013 at 13:33


Yo$hik has now released his RtCW SP Mission, Vendetta. This excellent release contains new weapons, a new soundpack, new models, great graphics and much more. This is a "must have" for all Return to Castle Wolfenstein fans, old and new.

You do NOT need a copy of Return to Castle Wolfenstein in order to play Vendetta, it is a "stand alone" game with it's own installer, so download and enjoy this epic adventure.

(The Mission)

Allied Intelligence has learned that the German military are developing a revolutionary new aircraft, "Helicopter" combat prototypes, which can destroy armored vehicles and infantry. You are a resistance fighter who has the task of eliminating all important personnel of the Third Reich who are connected with this new project. Your mission becomes even more difficult and more important,  as you must also find real evidence and documentation of the project before these military prototypes are able to take to the battlefield.



Download RtCW Vendetta HERE

Yo$hik's website HERE

Source: Yo$hik YOUTUBE


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Written by Wolffiles, Nov 29 2013 at 12:00


After weeks full of problem, today the Splatterladder tracker service moved to a new server.
The move-process is not completely done, but at least the tracker and the page itself should be running now.

Some service aren`t transfered yet (for example the TS3 server) but this, tbh, is not my highest priority.

Thanks for your patience
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ETKey.org Banner
Written by RtCW4ever, Nov 27 2013 at 18:55


Waffenschmiede (b2) is a good looking new map created by Fendah & BlAcky.

Allies are attacking.

Allied Objectives:
- (Primary) Steal the radar part and bring it to the truck
- Capture the flag to get a additional spawn
- Dynamite door controls to gain access to the outpost
- (Optional) Prevent the axis from building the CP
- (Optional) Open the security door at the lower bunker for additional access

Axis Objectives:
- (Primary) Defend the radar part
- Prevent the allies from capturing the forward spawn flag
- Defend the door controls and prevent Allies from entering the outpost
- (Optional) Construct the CP
- (Optional) Close security door at the lower bunker to restrict allied access

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Written by Wolffiles, Nov 24 2013 at 07:32


Omni-Bot 0.83 for Enemy Territory has been released. 

Download Omnibot 0.83 ET Waypoint Mod

Download Omnibot 0.83 ET Windows

Download Omnibot 0.831 ET Linux  



0.83 ET Change Log

ETBlight and Bastard mods are supported

=== BOT ===

Added cvar omnibot_logsize (maximal file size in KB), -1 will disable logs, 0 will overwrite file every match

Added script goal property LimitToNoClass

Added you can pass 0 for all teams to MapGoal.SetAvailable and MapGoal.SetAvailableInitial

Added WeaponFireMode.AimOffsetZ

Changed log files are written to omni-bot/et/logs (if the folder exists)

Changed initialization is logged only if LogInfo is true in omni-bot.cfg

Changed waypoint property is cleared if value is empty string

Improved Server table is immediately updated when players connect or disconnect

Improved help command is sorted

Fixed memory leak caused by GameMonkey threads

Fixed crash in AddBot if bot is kicked in ClientUserinfoChanged

Fixed jumplow waypoint flag did not work at tank barrier or pile of box crates

Fixed weapon mask was 64-bit and could not be used for mod specific weapons, now it's 128-bit

Fixed InFieldOfView returned correct result only if bot had same Z coordinate as enemy

Fixed DrawTrajectory was not accurate

Fixed CalcTrajectory always returned null

Fixed CheckCharged parameter of HasAnyWeapon

Fixed Utils::ConvertString returned true even if string could not be converted

Fixed some console commands expected integer parameters, but got float

Fixed waypoint connection remained closed after blockable flag was removed

Fixed new connection between blockable waypoints was not blockable

Fixed crash if there was error in waypoints file

Fixed bot killed himself after command bot.Enable(false)

Fixed stuckage if paththrough navigation called Goto to unreachable destination

Fixed soldier with mortar waited forever if some aim vector was out of range

Fixed aim vector of mortar and script goals was sometimes imprecise

Fixed bot sometimes could not reload if two weapons needed to be reloaded

Fixed GetRandomWeapon

Fixed indentation in log files

=== MOD ===

Added display scriptName and targetName for /entitylist command

Fixed fake client lua script exploit

=== GOALS ===

Added target property to MOBILEMORTAR goal

Added coversplit property to PLANT goal

Added multiple aim modes for MOUNT goal, they can be set by ETUtil.SetAimModeForMount

Added Stance property to DEFUSE goal, can be set only from trigger and only "prone" value is permitted

Changed ATTACK goals are limited to 3 bots in progress

Changed AIRSTRIKE,ARTILLERY,MOBILEMG42,MOBILEMORTAR,SNIPE goals are limited to 1 bot in progress

Changed bot on CAMP goal selects his primary weapon (shotgun, panzer, ...)

Changed bot can say "Hold your fire" more than once per match

Improved priority to pick up medkits depends on current health

Improved ESCORT goal, stucked bot can jump or repath

Improved MOBILEMORTAR orientation when goal has multiple facings

Fixed REVIVE goal in some mods if dead players have health<=0, but don't have DEAD entity flag

Fixed MOUNT goal was not blackboard delayed after Timeout

Fixed bot killed himself if he stucked near tank and then successfully mounted the tank

Fixed stance property could be set to wrong values

=== SCRIPTS ===

Added ability to give unique names for re-usable region triggers

Added sniper war and panzer war in Jaymod or n!tmod are detected in autoexec

Changed Util.ListTableMembers prints both keys and values

Fixed Server.MinBots

Fixed script errors when bot is kicked from server

=== WEAPONS ===

Changed VENOM aim offset and aim tolerance

Changed engineer will not detach rifle grenade on camp goals

Changed weapon desirabilities

Fixed bots always aimed at head with mod specific weapons (shotgun, mp34, sak47, ppsh, rpd, ...)

Fixed bots could not use ammo cabinets when they have some mod specific weapons (stg44, mp34, m79, madsen, ...)

Improved skilled soldiers can reload mobile mg42 in NoQuarter or n!tmod

Improved melee weapon is used to attack only if distance is within range

Optimized some weapons cannot be reloaded and some weapons don't require ammo

Removed unused weapon properties

=== COMMANDS ===

Added trigger_bounds command supports writing the RegionTrigger.Create function call to file

Added optional TRACE parameter to showentityinfo command

Changed command botgoal prints MapGoal name, not ScriptGoal name

Fixed difficulty command could not change difficulty of newly added bots, dead bots or bots waiting for a medic

Fixed difficulty could not be set to -1 which means random difficulty

Fixed difficulty could be set to 7, but maximal difficulty is 6

Improved command ab is much faster, it can add 20 bots per second

Improved command waypoint_view prints error message if drawing is impossible






































Source: Mateos via SB | Omnibot Forum

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Written by RtCW4ever, Nov 22 2013 at 18:25


LoRenz have made this sniper map to remind that ET is a war game and I have fun to do this. I have to thanks Patrizia for his help in texture for buildings and thanks who helped me to continue this map with his suggestion.

In Central Europe, they did a final bombing of the city Berlin, there are a few survivors but .....only snipers ,its a Black Forty Four, we have to win.

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Written by Wolffiles, Nov 20 2013 at 06:58


We wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Return to Castle Wolfenstein

and we hope you will stay us for a long time :)

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Written by RtCW4ever, Nov 17 2013 at 20:39


The team of RtCWcup announce the new ASUS Alliance 6vs6 RtCW-Cup. Created by a group of RtCW fans who came together to organize this new cup. There is a tight schedule in this cup that everybody has to be aware of. Also a group of 5 admins will help guide teams on their way into the games in order to keep up to speed with the schedule and thus making things go as smooth as possible. Below this text you can find more info about the cup and its time schedule.

More info about the Alliance Cup:

Format: 6vs6 ABBA Stopwatch
Team amount: 16
Cup format: Group stage to double elimination play-offs
Mappool: Base Beach Frostbite Ice Assault Village

Time Schedule:
Tournament signups are open from now until Saturday 30 November
Groups will be announced at the end of Saturday the 30th
1st game can be played between the 1st of December until the 8th of December
2nd game needs to be played by 15 December
3rd game needs to be played by 22 December
Around x-mas and new year's day we'll have a 2 weeks break
Play-offs start the first week of January
Grand final deadline will be February 2nd

Website: http://www.rtcwcup.com/index.htm
Rules: http://www.rtcwcup.com/rules.htm
Prizes: 1x ASUS GeForce GTX TITAN 6GD5 Graphics Card + € TBA,-
If people have any questions or suggestions you can contact any of the following admins: Playa, Bully, Faster, Malmen, Homie

Shoutcast will be provided by WarWitch and his companions Sabo and Nail on http://www.twitch.tv/warwitchtv/. So please sign up now so you can be part of this amazing event.

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Written by RtCW4ever, Nov 17 2013 at 15:58


The Team from mygamingtalk.com releasedET-Mod silEnT 0.8.1.

Added: Flag 32 to g_disableComplaints to disable complaints completely.
Added: ETPro style g_proneDelay.
Added: Custom, admin defined, votes.
Added: 3rd UI theme that resembles the original ET look.
Added: MorphOS support.
Improved: engineer work progress bar (construct/arm/disarm) and covert ops progress bar (mines spotting, uniform stealing) - added background to display the amount of work to do.
Fixed: Some text bugs related to g_recognition cvar.
Fixed: ETTV clients were kicked for not having silEnT GUIDs.
Fixed: Admin log was missing some data with g_logOption 16384. Also, new format with admin log when using this option.
Fixed: Client exploit affecting various mods which caused the server to stall until the engine watchdog triggered.
Fixed: The shrubbot.cfg configuration file is cleaned automatically from expired bans and warnings on each map start. Instead of waiting for it to be written as a result of an admin command.
Fixed: Memory leak with subnet bans.
Fixed: Axis covertop couldn't select pistols through weapon banks.
Fixed: UI; tooltip text color theming.
Fixed: Improvised Demolition not showing up in final map stats.
Fixed: mines spotting progress bar not always displayed.

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Written by RtCW4ever, Nov 10 2013 at 20:28


Ein Enemy Territory Fragmovie über den bekannten ET-Clan Saevus mit ihrem ersten Line-up. Regie und Bearbeitung von c-drik.

It's a Enemy Territory frags movie about the well known ET clan Saevus featuring their first line-up. Directed and edited by c-drik.

Everything is synchronized with the music (frags, cams, some moves...) to give a good flow to the movie.
Certains members have less parts than others because they never record demos.

I found this movie saved on a DVD, it's unfinished that's why there's no intro (black screen the first 36 sec.) and you will see some colored screens sometimes. I could not finish it because I lost everythings in a HDD crashed, hopefully I have rendered and saved this version.
PS: If you wanna see my first fragmovie, search for "Lamattitude" (RTCW movie)

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Written by Wolffiles, Nov 07 2013 at 08:29


Quote Sol: Hello, I already made couple of things but there is still much to do but like I said it will be a beta for the actual servers.
*This beta won't ban anyone at this moment, I need to gather more information about clients and their compatibility so don't expect anything at this moment.*

Beta files and more on... TrackBase/Thread


Source: wolfstein4ever

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Written by Wolffiles, Oct 31 2013 at 17:48



As many of us in the Wolfenstein Enemy Territory Community are already aware, Patriot, from Clan Qubenet, came up with the excellent idea of a Multi-Clan server where all Clan players, (and new players too, of course), could meet up and frag when their own servers were quiet. The good news is that Patriot has not been idle, far from it. The new Wolf-ET4ALL server is under construction and will be ready soon.

The new Wolf-ET4ALL website is now online and we are all invited to sign up and participate in this excellent new project, which is simply to designed to help keep our beloved Wolf-ET alive and well. Your opinion matters, so join up now and air your views, you're more than welcome.

Visit the new Wolf-ET4ALL website HERE



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Written by Wolffiles, Oct 30 2013 at 06:35




  • Crash log file is written again on *nix systems
  • Added MorphOS support


  • Fixed cl_languagedebug cvar
  • Added the option to disable lean on activate button press
  • Fixed "bind " message for unbound keys
  • Fixed Motion JPG avi contains no video
  • Fixed *nix Desktop icon
  • Added background ET:L logo
  • Added linux desktop and mime type files to proper location



  • Added fixed physics feature
  • Tricheckbox slighlty improved
  • Added the KA-BAR weapon for allies
  • Removed obsolete 'lieutenant’ references - changed cvar g_LTChargeTime to g_fieldopsChargeTime
  • Added shadows to the spawn wait text for similarity on texts
  • Added help messages for empty server list to server browser
  • Added servers filtered counter to server browser
  • Fixed WP_MEDKIT animation
  • Added the Browning MG weapon for allied soldiers
  • Added follow text uses icons for class and rank
  • Added crosshair shows class and rank icons instead of text
  • Fixed axis no longer use allies rank symbols
  • Added borders to construction/dynamite bar to be more informative
  • Added spectators view teamflags
  • Beautified several center prints & other game cosmetic
  • Fixed maxlives not displayed in scoreboard
  • Added cg_weapaltReloads cvar - alternative fire reload
    ... and again more clean up and optimizations in engine and mod.


Download for Windows here

Download for Linux here


Source : etlegacy.com | Mateos via Shoutbox

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Written by Wolffiles, Oct 22 2013 at 22:20


Do you have nerves of steel?
Do you like to dress up?
Do you hate people in costumes?

Then thursday 31th of October Dark Alchemy #1 is the place to be.
We start the party at 20:00 CET.

We welcome you to come trick and treat at
Be there and be scary.

More info HERE.
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Written by RtCW4ever, Oct 08 2013 at 22:08


With the launch of the beta is Extraction supported of the ESL league and has its own section.
The beta was only recently moved  by the publisher Nexon to 15 October.

Mit dem Startschuss der Beta wird Extraction von der ESL-Liga ünterstützt und hat dort seine eigene Sektion.
Die Beta, wurde erst vor kurzem, vom Publisher Nexon auf den 15. Oktober verschoben.

ESL-Link: esl/extraction

» read more on RtCW4ever
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Written by Wolffiles, Oct 07 2013 at 14:00



Information (Oct 06 2013 12:25 PM)
Before you read below, we would like to inform you that there's been a 0.8.0 server patch created for 0.8.0 version.

Download ServerPatch

It fixes 1 defect that somehow slept into the release version, that is classes other than soldier could receive Improvised Demolition with the ammo pack.
All of you who downloaded 0.8.0 before this information are advised to use this patch or download the full package again - it has been fixed already.
We apologize for this small inconvenience.


Click HERE for the changelog


Download the mod here

Source: MyGamingTalk

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