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=-PoTaGer-> .-* ARIKO *-. - 6 hours 28 minutes ago@lolroy, i never hiden what i have to say, i was kick from a lot of server just to spik baud engesh :D ! me not easy i know but right !
=-PoTaGer-> .-* ARIKO *-. - 6 hours 30 minutes agobut im not racist as 'i never refused to shake a black or asian hand or middle east" and im not gay, i prefer women :) that the true truth
=-PoTaGer-> .-* ARIKO *-. - 6 hours 31 minutes ago8-D i accepte to be banned, and also i said a lot of french palyers are cheaters and retards, i assume lolroy ! I accept a ban when its true
lolroy - 7 hours agoIt seems you're sitll on your line :D So funny! Grow up maybe!!
lolroy - 7 hours 1 minute agoJust funny :D you remember that day on that server where you told me you're not native french but all french people are retards?
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Written by RtCW4ever, Sep 25 2014 at 10:36


Hello dear players! Prime Squadron No Goldrush night is back!

When? Sunday, 28th of September, starting at 18:00 GMT+1
Where? PS1 -

This uncommon nightly event is coming back at our server, after the summer break!
You didn't participate the first time and do you want to know know more about this event?
Here's what the No Goldrush Night is all about.
Just like last time, we are asking your help selecting the maps. You can suggest some fresh new maps or some very old but forgotten maps, which are out of the rotation since long time.
A couple of nice new gameplay modes will be added to the event, aside from the normal gameplay (attack/defence) mode.

New gameplay modes:
    Last Man Standing mode
    Gungame mode
    ET Pro Stopwatch mode
    Panzer only map.

We are planning to set up a 8-map rotation, so you are free to suggest maps for every mode or just for one.
Don't miss the chance to play one of your favourite maps!

Link: prime-squadron.com

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Written by Wolffiles, Sep 22 2014 at 16:47


= Alone at War 1-5 =


= Description =

The Offlag series of Return to Castle Wolfenstein single-player maps are difficult to complete, therefore, you will have to incorporate different tactics in order to complete this 5-map mission.

= Changes on this version =

# A new main menu has been added

# A 5th level has been added - ( Created by KoS and edited by Vicpas)

# New sounds

# New textures

# New models

= Screenshots =

= Installation Instructions =

# Unzip the files to your C:Program FilesReturn to Castle Wolfenstein folder.

# Play using the shortcut called "Alone_at_War" and when the main menu appears, click on play button and after choose your skill level.

# If you have RtCW installed in another directory other than your C: drive,  you will have to edit your shortcut accordingly.

= Thanks to =

KoS and Vicpas would like to thank the following people:

# Zenith_ply for the new tank model

# Ronboy for editing the briefings texts and map testing

# Pazur for the lightblock texture

# Shurr for the new converted models and map testing

# Project 51 team for their aircraft models

# Horst for map testing

Download Alone at War HERE

Source - Gamebanana - Jouhan

More information & screenshots HERE

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Written by Wolffiles, Sep 16 2014 at 09:08

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Written by Wolffiles, Sep 13 2014 at 17:07


=== [ETMOD] Reloaded 1.1.0 ===


The mod is built on ETpub featuring its own Admin and Member skins, also the standard Wolf-ET skins have been updated to better ones. Later on we will try to implement an officer's cap and a beret for the admins, covert ops will receive a field cap as admin. And maybe, just maybe, upgrade the weapons with new and better looking ones. Lastly, we will attempt to make both male and female players.

= Screenshots =

Download ETMod 1.1.0 with lua HERE

Download ETMod 1.1.0 without lua HERE

More information on MODdb HERE

Source - Splashdamage - Thunder

This excellent Wolfenstein Enemy Territory modification has been created by The Wolf Team

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Written by RtCW4ever, Sep 10 2014 at 23:26


Adlernest Roof B1 - Modified with DerSaidin's permission.

- Roof access added from CP spawn and axis spawn after the controls are blown
- Added access to the abyss with rope exit leading to under axis spawn
- Bug jump on the roof removed
- Added rocket launcher (can be used once only), which creates a hole in the roof (near the ammo packs)
- Removed walls next to the ammo packs

It does not change the game play, it just adds some extra fun!

Source: etpro.de | fearless-assassins.com

Download and Pics on Wolfenstein4ever.de

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Written by RtCW4ever, Sep 09 2014 at 23:36


Since the release of my previous movie - Requiem - back in January 2010, I have been focusing on graduating, which I did last June, and starting my career. Recently, I decided to dust off my old editing skills and try a little project that would not require me to spend nearly as much time on as my former movies back in the day.

It seems that there is no longer a vibrant ET moviemaking community, so I thought I would work on some videos to try and reignite some interest, since Enemy Territory is a game with great moviemaking capabilities. This time around, rather than use Sony Vegas, I decided to edit the footage solely in Adobe After Effects in an effort to try and become more familiar with the software, and I am pleased with the results.
Principium is the first of three retrospective short films, and is generally made up of footage from the very early days of Enemy Territory. In this volume, there are no in-eye frags whatsoever, although there will be in-eye frags in at least one other volume. It is not an ‘aiming’ movie, instead showing some spam frags from ET’s early days.

I have tried to improve and build upon my Camtrace3D skills and make something worth watching for everyone. Each film will be short and sweet and as they are all being worked on at the same time, so hopefully there won’t be too long between the releases of each volume.
Visually I have gone for a grittier, less saturated look in order to make it a little more 'filmic' with relation to World War II, rather than the more glossy and colourful style of some of my previous work.
Sadly, with the loss of ClanBase, there are a lot of demos with great material that will never again see the light of day.

Movie download and Youtube on Wolfenstein4ever.de

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Written by RtCW4ever, Sep 09 2014 at 18:37


DaNe & Mys0x on Justjump 3 - Welcome to my second Movie feat Mys0x!

Shoutout eT|Clan,Th|Clan,|999|Clan and all others who know us
Map used - Justjump 3
Music - Ruben de Ronde & Aelyn - What About You
Prog´s used - Sony Vegas pro 12 | Virtual-dub | Handbreak

Watch in HD enjoy!

Movie download and Youtube on Wolfenstein4ever.de

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Written by Wolffiles, Sep 08 2014 at 11:40

Hey ho all Panzer maniacs!
On saturday 20.9 @ 19.00 CEST we're having a pnaz..pers..pzaer..panzer special event.
Maybe a couple of beers or sodas to go with the event?Of Course!
Lock your self in the house, throw away the key, prepare pizzas,beers,sodas, pants and helmets, coz we're getting crazy with the panzers!
Invite all your friends, parents, pets, granparents and why not even your imaginary friends! ;-)
And of course some crazygravity also! :D
Ip is:
Source: Captainunderpants via Splatterladder
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Written by RtCW4ever, Sep 05 2014 at 17:27


Trickjump Evening on A4

 We would like to invite all the players to our Trickjump Evening.

 Following JustKidding's idea we will meet on our A4 Trickjump Server and have some fun :)

 Visit A4:
 on Saturday 6th September at 19:00 CET

 If you don't know how to trickjump - don't worry! We will help you ;)

 You can discuss about the event and tell us about your presence on forum here

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Written by RtCW4ever, Sep 01 2014 at 21:41


DaNe the trickjump legend jumps on [Extasy beta]

Movie made by DaNe, be patient i'm no movie maker, I just gave me a try. Prog´s used :Image-ET / Virtual-dub / Sony-vegas 12 Pro / MeGui
Music used : Machine Gun Kelly - Sail / Machine Gun Kelly - Halo

Special Thanks to gungh0 for help

Also good TJ channel: www.youtube.com/Th0sy

Keep Trickjump Alive!!

Movie download and Youtube on Wolfenstein4ever.de

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Written by Wolffiles, Sep 01 2014 at 17:23


=== Teuthonia Final ===


The final version of Teuthonia has now been released by Teuthis.

=== New Map Features ===

-  A second bank entrance has now been created
- There are more obstacles to provide cover at both axis spawns
- There's a new tunnel system
- A new balcony near axis the spawn to allow sniping (but just a bit)
- Texture and script errors have been fixed
- Lots of new models added too

"I do not plan to come up with another version as I wanna close this chapter in order to move on with some new map projects. Nevertheless, I appreciate feedback, either positive or negative, it doesn't matter." - Teuthis


=== Special thanks ===

- Thunder (TWT) for the great models
- Mateos (TWT) and TomTom for help with script problems
- Micha (TWT) for the waypoints
- the Clans of Dark Alchemy and WF-Gaming for testing the Beta version.

Download Teuthonia Final HERE

Source - Splashdamage - Teuthis

=== TWT News ===

In order to keep Wolf-ET alive, the Community requires new mappers. TheWolfTeam (TWT) is in the process of coming up with an initiative to attract interested newcomers to the art of mapping. As many websites for mappers are now dead we will try to revive the Mapping Community by providing tons of tutorials, awesome models and ready to use prefabs.

Most importantly , experienced personnel to help with everything related to making maps, (e.g., scripting, brushwork, everything). Long story, short version. Those people who are interested should sign up at TWT and start learning how to make their very own awesome, new maps. Your Wolfenstein Community needs you.

Sign up for TWT - HERE

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Written by Wolffiles, Aug 30 2014 at 17:55


=== Wolfenstein Enemy Territory HQ Mod ===


ET Headquarters adds a flexible character customization system to Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. It also adds gameplay changes and rebalances class mechanics. Its core gameplay remains close to vanilla ET.

Mod Features

Amongst the many which stand out:

- Omnibot Support
- ETpro Mapscripting Support
- Lua 5.1 Support
- Sqlite3 Database Backend
- Xpsave and Moditemsave Support
- Game Coins
- Character Customization
- Flexible Character Customization Backend
- Barracks Menu to Visually Unlock Character Items
- New Command Post Gameplay
- Blue Adrenaline
- Covert Ops Weapon Specialist

The Team

acQu - Code, Game Design
Floreio - Models
Jenkins - Logo, 2D gfx
Thunder - Skins, Models

Download Wolfenstein Enemy Territory HQ Mod 0.9.127 HERE

Download HQ Mod WW2 Character Customisation Pack HERE

More info & videos on ModDB HERE

TWT forum discussion HERE

Source - Splashdamage - acQu

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Written by Wolffiles, Aug 28 2014 at 07:06


For Europeans, September is the month of taking off bikini’s and swimsuits and starting to turn over your closet in search of your favorite sweater.

For Russians, 6. September is when Leningrad finally became Saint Petersburg again.
For Allies, 6. September is the day when Ypres finally came back into their hands.


Not for us!
In =F|A=, September is the time for yet another wonderful game-day where panzerwars, sniperwars and crazygravity are only the pretext for an all-round day full of joy and whether or not.



Feel free to come and steal some apples from our paradise!

Your hosts for this month
DJ aka GDR DJ, Ang3l, Antichrist, Kat0n, BORR*ACHO, Quovadis, Jhnonny/Shinobi, D..X, Redbaird, Platonic War and Von Rantala.
Under supervision of
Maximo Decimo, Nani* and Ann!b@l

Special thanks to Mr.Karizmatic for providing this month’s poster and to Chameleon for help


Source: Fearless-Assassins

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Written by RtCW4ever, Aug 25 2014 at 18:31


After a break from the one.more Cup series with the current situation in RTCW being perfect for 3on3s, Cup #10 wil be coming live over at WarwitchTV on the 31st of August with three more ODCs planned before the end of the year. More information on the rest of the years RTCW plans can be found over on the forums.

Date: 31st August 2014
Start Time: Earliest will be 18:00 CET, depends on sign ups (Games Streamed from 21:00 CET - UB Final, LB Final, Grand Final)
Minimum Teams: 4
Tournament Structure: Playoff (Single / Double elim, depends on sign ups)
Maplist: Base, Beach, Escape2, Ice, Frostbite and Sub. (in future one day cups, new maps will be used)
Servers: EU (antilag = 0)

Tournament is free for all to signup, you must have at least 3 players on your roster and a maximum of 4. Players can only be signed up for one team and all info on who has signed up to the cup so far can be found here: LINK. One extra bit of info as requested by Warwitch himself games on the live stream will have their maps decided by the viewers to add that extra dash of excitement all-round.

The cups later rounds will also be casted by Warwitch himself over at WarwitchTV and he will be joined by a mix of players and casters over the course of the night. Warwitch also has a Facebook page, show your support and give the man a like! HERE


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Written by RtCW4ever, Aug 11 2014 at 18:50


Wolfenstein: Liberation of London - Live Action Trailer
Four members of an underground militia infiltrate a German weapons testing facility with orders to extract weapons scientist, Dr. Issac Astor, in hopes of advancing the Allied weapons technology.

--- Starring ---
Patrick Wenk-Wolf
Darren Jaconbs
Joseph Aviel
Jeff Schine
Nina Franoszek
Ken Lyle
Bill Gunther

Trailer cut by: Josh Lee Kwai
This video has been five months in the making. I started writing over Christmas. The script has gone though 13 drafts. I learned a lot on this shoot and really hope you are entertained. Comments and honest criticism welcome. - Clinton Jones

Clinton Jones on Facebook
Clinton Jones on Twitter

Source: forum.splatterladder.com

Movie download (for Germans) YouTube link and pics on Wolfenstein4ever.de

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