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$mart - 23 days 22 hours 29 minutes agoHallo ! Yeaahhh very good new ! V586 !!!
Meister Gandalf - 24 days 9 hours 25 minutes agoThnx for your work.
Wolf Enstein - 25 days 16 hours 42 minutes agoKeMoN is going to release a "V3" version of the map, $mart, so the bots should work fine then.
Wolf Enstein - 26 days 12 hours 43 minutes agoIf he does that the bots will work perfectly.
Wolf Enstein - 26 days 12 hours 43 minutes agoThe bots are ready, mate, I just need KeMoN to fix that part in the map script.
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Written by Wolffiles, May 27 2018 at 20:28


For a long time, "Wolfenstein:  Enemy Territory" players were annoyed with the exploitation by some server Administrators of  the "Masterlist-Redirection" bug. Daredevil,  of the  FA Gaming Community, just informed me about a fix for this. "Wolfenstein: ET", (Enemy territory), has been messed up lately with master list redirects and hacking issues. In order to prevent this, please download the "ET.exe" file and replace your current one with it.

You will be able to play "ETPRO" with this version.

Install Steps:

1. Download the file.

2. Replace your current "et.exe" or "ET.exe" with this new "ET.exe" version. Also, please share this file with all your friends and ask them to patch their "Wolfenstein: ET" with this one. Please report on the forums about any issues you find.

Note - The new patch will also stop players redirecting from fake "Wolf: ET" redirect servers. It's about time we focus towards a good gaming experience for all new "Wolf: ET" players.

Note 2 - If any new issues arise, we might try to fix them as well or revert back or provide a completely new patch. So please subscribe to this file download. If the file gets updated you will get notification so you can stay up to date.

IMP Note - Please don't download the file from other sites or download sources, as some may try to inject virus/trojans and spread that copy of it. I take full responsibility of this file on our website and 100% guarantee it doesn't have any "back-doors". So, my humble request - please be careful in respects to where you download the file and what servers you play on.

PS - Long live "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" where we have made some life-long best friends. "Wolf: ET" for another 50 years, until it becomes gaming legacy, like super Mario Source.

Download the fixed "et.exe" version  HERE

Source - Fearless Assassins - Daredevil

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Written by Wolffiles, May 19 2018 at 15:02


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= RtCWCoop (Anniversary Upgrade) - Defiled Church =


This week William and Charles enter the realm of the defiled church where they encounter the toughest ladies in the whole Third Reich, Helga von Bulow's Elite Guard. As a consequence, we sense that the lads will suffer much pain in this weeks episode :) .

Download RtCW Cooperative Anniversary Upgrade HERE

85 Productions website HERE



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ETKey.org Banner
Written by Wolffiles, May 17 2018 at 17:17


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= Why was it so good? - JackFrags =


This is the very popular Youtuber, JackFrags', latest video and it's all about our beloved "Return to Castle Wolfenstein".

"Return to castle Wolfenstein, or RtCW for short, was one of my favourite multiplayer games growing up. A slick alternative to CS and Team Fortress at the time, but why was this game so good? Let's take a look! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thank you for watching." - JackFrags


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Written by Wolffiles, May 16 2018 at 02:41


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= Dialog's RtCW Missions =


All fans of "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" singleplayer missions will be very glad to hear the news that Dialog is making steady progress with his new map creations and is back working on this eagerly anticipated adventure.

Here's a list of the maps that will be included in the project:

castle tram

old monastery

the ruined city

green forest
birds of prey

norway base


There's no fixed date for the release of the new map missions, however, Dialog has posted two of the new maps in order for players to test them and give him feedback on what they find.


Download the test maps HERE

Dialog on Youtube HERE

Source - RonboyProductions - Ronboy

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Written by Wolffiles, May 14 2018 at 17:04


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer =

= RtCW | ToaK | Servers Announcement =


It's with great sadness that we at "Wolffiles" and "Splatterladder" announce the closure of the iconic "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" multiplayer servers run by the "|ToaK| RtCW" team, due to a huge server hardware failure.

Here's what they had to say on the matter:

As I anticipated, the hardware which ran our servers, is sadly beyond repair. Therefore as promised and announced on the website before, all benefactors for May and June 2018 got a refund, because these guys didn’t donate to play on a non-existent server.

I bought the hardware more than 7 years ago, which made the "|ToaK| RtcW" game-servers possible the way they were. This is why I was able to run and maintain the servers for (relatively) little costs. The hardware was guaranteed to run 24/7 for 5 years , so in fact it was already overdue for 2 years when it broke down last week.

I did have a look at the options:
- One thing what I could do is to change our provider, and pay for each slot, which is common practice in gameserver-land. However this would limit our freedom severely to setup and tweak the server(s) according to our own taste.
It would be an expensive alternative as well, while the connection and game-experience may not be as good as it used to be.

- The other possible choice was to buy again new hardware while maintaining our current provider (and setup-freedom), with “low” costs and its superior connection-speed. In this case, which would have been my preferred scenario: I had to spend at least €500 for new hardware.

But to be frank, I had many doubts this investment will pay off the way the previous one did, since the active player-community shrank to only a handful of gamers. If there were still be enough players, I would have already bought the hardware, since "RtcW" remains to be one of the best multiplayer games ever.
But since we are down to just a few regulars, it's hard to justify replacing the equipment.

Furthermore, each month was already a struggle to “pay the rent” of €85, which is still a lot of money. And let’s face it, the chance we will get enough financial support from what is left of the RtcW Community, is very small.

Hence, with a heavy heart, I decided to end the "|ToaK| RtcW" gaming experience.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all active participants from the past and present, who made a real success of the |ToaK| servers, which include:

- Crapshoot (for his initial support with setting up the servers and improving Omnibot),
- the remaining admins (Shooty and Laura), our donaters (especially Yank and Hans Killer, who spend both through the years a small fortune to keep the servers running),
- and last but not least, of course You, the players!

It was a real honour to serve you, and I wish you all the very best for the present and future.
I truly hope you had (mostly) a good time on the |ToaK| servers!

Hans (a.k.a. |ToaK|JD)


On behalf of "Wolffiles" and "Splatterladder" we'd like to thank the "|ToaK| RtCW" team for all their time, hard work and dedication that they've given to our Wolfenstein Community as a whole, it has been very much appreciated and you will be sorely missed by us all.


|ToaK| Guestbook HERE

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Written by Wolffiles, May 13 2018 at 20:23


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= RtCWCoop (Anniversary Upgrade) - Crypt =


William and Charles battle their through yet another episode of zombie-filled mayhem as they do their best to finally escape the deadly crypts.

Download RtCW Cooperative Anniversary Upgrade HERE

85 Productions website HERE

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Written by Wolffiles, May 11 2018 at 18:44


= Wolfenstein: ETLegacy - InspirationTuts =


Here's more great work from "InspirationTuts", a superb new V2 rocket model. There's also a destroyed version of the model available too, which means mappers can make good use of it in their projects, especially for "ET: Legacy".

If you haven't already, please subscribe to Gordon's Youtube channel and "like" his videos too, folks. He does all this amazing work for the Wolfenstein Community free of charge.

InspirationTuts on Youtube HERE

Wolfenstein: ETL website HERE


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Written by Wolffiles, May 04 2018 at 17:07


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= RtCWCoop (Anniversary Upgrade) - Catacombs =


More "RtCW Cooperative Anniversary Upgrade" fun and mayhem from William and Charles as they battle their way through the deadly, zombie-filled catacombs of the graveyard crypt :) .

RtCW Cooperative Mod website HERE

85 Productions website HERE

Download RtCW Cooperative Anniversary Upgrade HERE


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Written by Wolffiles, May 02 2018 at 22:38


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= RealRtCW version 2.21 =


WolfETPlayer's "RealRtCW" modification for "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" is far more than just a basic improvement on the original game, it is, in fact, a total overhaul of everything. From textures to weapons, to the combat abilities of the A.I., it has all been very much improved. Having a quick read of the mod's features list only serves to emphasise that fact.

Features list:

  • Based on ioRTCW engine, which provides widescreen support, better sounds and x64 support
  • New weapons: TT33, MP34, PPSH, Mosin Nagant, M1 Garand, BAR, MP44, MG42, G43, M97, Revolver
  • New models for the vanilla weapons, including world models
  • Rebalanced weapons characteristics
  • Rebalanced AI
  • Overhauled sounds
  • New HUD and UI
  • New difficulty system
  • And more!


This new version has even more to enjoy too, with the superb "RtCW Vendetta" mission, created by Yo$hik, now included in the "RealRtCW" addons list.

RealRTCW 2.21 Changelog:

New features:
cg_fixedaspectfov CVAR added
Various engine limits increased

Bug Fixes:
Flamethrower volume decreased
Luger silencer placement fixed

Player sprint duration doubled
Ammount of stamina taken by jumping decreased
Bunny hop value slightly increased to avoid silly first person effect
Pistols and SMGs spread decreased
Elite guards moving speed slightly increased
Undead enemies moving speed slightly increased

sv_cheats set to 0 by default
Weapon damage CVARS are now cheat protected
Various weapon screen position changed
No gloves hand skin removed due to its ugliness


Download the new version HERE

Download ReaRtCW Vendetta HERE

Source - ModDB - WolfETPlayer

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Written by Wolffiles, Apr 30 2018 at 17:12


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= RtCWCoop (Anniversary Upgrade) - Village =


This week, William and Charles fight their way through the "Village" map to meet up with resistance fighter Karl Villigut in order to gain access to the entrance to the crypts, located in the graveyard.

As always, there's lots of action, laughs and the occasional in-game bug to enjoy as the lads frag in "Nightmare" mode, the toughest game mode in "RtCW Cooperative" :) .

RtCW Cooperative Mod website HERE

Download RtCW Cooperative Mod HERE

85 Productions website HERE


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Written by Wolffiles, Apr 28 2018 at 16:04


= Omnibot - Version 0.86 Released =

This is the latest release of the omnibot mod for "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" and "Return to Castle Wolfenstein".

0.86 Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Change Log:

=== BOT ===
Added function MapGoal.SetEntity
Added Wp.SetWaypointFlag parameter can be a regular expression
Added WatchForEntityCategory can be used to detect landmines
Added gm script can have UTF-8 BOM
Added version number is printed to console when Omni-bot is initialized
Improved bots join game faster after server starts if maxbots>0
Improved players info is in the Server table already in OnMapLoad
Changed draw_goalroutes doesn't draw disabled routes
Changed new waypoint has prone flag if the player is proned
Fixed soldier with mobile mg42 does not shoot heavy vehicles
Fixed goals with same names were swapped in NoQuarter
Fixed waypoint_setname of closed waypoint
Fixed command goal_save prints error if file can't be opened
Fixed SetGoalRole printed error message if role was persistent and goal did not exist
Removed path planners navmesh, floodfill, recast

=== MOD ===
Improved command /entitylist prints type names instead of numbers
Fixed goal entities of multiple MG42s at the same position (on baserace map)
Fixed function GetEntityOwner returned dead player after gold was dropped and taken by another player

=== GOALS ===
Fixed covertops don't steal uniform when carrying objective
Fixed PLANT goal was always delayed 35 seconds even if defused
Fixed medic don't deliver medkits to player who is mounting tank
Fixed rendering of Stance property
Fixed medic sometimes did not give medkits to revived player
Fixed BUILD goal created by user could not be saved
Fixed roaming bots were going to position of MOUNT goal
Changed MinPlayersForMortar is number of players for one mortar (2*MinPlayersForMortar players are needed for 2 mortars)
Changed MinPlayersForMobileMG is number of players required for one mobile mg42
Changed cover spot priority from 2.0 to 0.81
Changed medic don't team-kill player at mg42
Changed medic can revive nearby player when going to cappoint
Changed only one medic or fieldops delivers supplies to a player
Changed soldier with mortar asks for ammo less often
Changed resetxp is enabled in all mods except etmain, but it must be enabled in shrubbot.cfg

=== SCRIPTS ===
Changed all bots disconnect if maxbots is 0
Optimized Util.ProcessMovers

=== WEAPONS ===
Changed bots get more ammo packs from ammo cabinets

=== COMMANDS ===
Improved cleargoalflags removes ammo, health, crouch and prone


Download Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Omnibot 0.86 - 32 bit HERE

Download Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Omnibot 0.86 - 64 bit HERE

Download Return to Castle Wolfenstein Omnibot 0.86 HERE

Omni-bot website HERE

Source - Enemy Territory Stuff - Kate


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Written by Wolffiles, Apr 23 2018 at 17:18


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= RtCWCoop (Anniversary Upgrade) - Tram Ride =


The lads bring us their epic battle from the Tram Station in "Return to Castle Wolfenstein". Lots of great action and plenty of laughs too :) .

RtCW Cooperative Mod website HERE

85 Productions website HERE

» read more on Wolffiles
Written by Wolffiles, Apr 21 2018 at 14:45


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= RtCW Venom Mod April 2018 =


This is Hellbaron's latest update for "RtCW Venom Mod" which now has a lot of improved features. As always, two versions of the mod have been released so that Nvidia graphics card users can also enjoy all the benefits of this excellent "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" modification.


- A new texture added to the Sten Gun, reworked by Teh Snake. Now in high resolution.

- Many new texture fixes added.

- New textures for the medkit model.

Download RtCW Venom Mod HERE

Download RtCW Venom Mod Nvidia HERE

Hellbaron on ModDB HERE

Source - RonboyProductions - Ronboy

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Written by RtCW4ever, Apr 15 2018 at 18:22


Wolfenstein4ever celebrates 12th anniversary - Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Enemy Territory are still alive, thanks to a hard-working community, faithful players, some websites and the fact that there are still no new comparable MP game, which is also still free.

I wish you all still a lot of fun with our beloved Wolf games as long as possible!! ;-)

d3Xter @ Wolfenstein4ever

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Written by Wolffiles, Apr 14 2018 at 16:25


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein Cooperative Mod =


Part two of the RtCWCoop (Anniversary Upgrade) weekly walkthrough in "Nighmare" mode.

» read more on Wolffiles
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