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Written by Wolffiles, Feb 27 2015 at 00:23


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein Cooperative Mod =

= Version 1.0.1 =


I’m a bit late with the news, but rtcwcoop 1.0.1 is released, it fixes following bugs:

  • no more crashes when setting pmove_fixed 1
  • warmup can be disabled again
  • password protection works now when you create a server through the menu
  • you are now warned which pk3′s you are missing
  • now you see the name of the master server in the server menu, instead of ‘internet1′
  • KP_NUMLOCK can now be used as a key to bind to
  • some AI related crashes shouldn’t happen anymore


  • g_spawnInvul
  • g_sharedlives : bonus life
  • toggle sv_pure in create server menu
  • g_usepassword is removed and now only g_needpass works
  • +vstr like osp

How to install:

Unzip the downloaded file into your rtcw installation. Make sure that the ‘coopmain’ folder from the zip file is at the same level as the ‘main’ folder from your rtcw installation.

In case you only have the rtcw pk3′s but no existing installation, unzip the downloaded file and move your rtcw pk3′s inside the ‘main’ folder.

"Big thanks to MAN-AT-ARMS again and shame on me for posting this news so late." - Fretn - RtCW Coop Devteam.

Download the new RtCW Coop version HERE

Source - RtCW Coop Website - Fretn

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Written by Wolffiles, Feb 26 2015 at 19:32


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein Tools =

= RtCW .BSP to .MAP Converter =


A very handy map-making tool for Return to Castle Wolfenstein mappers, either new or experienced. The "comdlg32.ocx" file is also included in the download, with instructions on how to install it.

= Usage Information =

# Run DeBSP.EXE and [Browse] for the BSP file you wish to decompile, (It can decompile any quake engine map except SOF maps). Once you have picked the file you wish to decompile press the [Decompile] button and a MAP file will be created in the same folder as the BSP and with the same name.

# Please do not use this tool to rip other people's maps off. Just use it to gain more knowledge about map making. Always give credit to original map-makers.

Download the converter HERE

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Written by Wolffiles, Feb 24 2015 at 03:43


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein Cooperative Mod =

= Wolfkrieg Castle =


This is a Return to Castle Wolfenstein Single-player, two-map mission that has been converted for Return to Castle Wolfenstein Cooperative Mod by {WeB}*GANG$TA* of the Wolfenstein European Brigade Clan.

= Storyline Part One =

You must attack and gain entry into the formidable Wolfkrieg Castle. It is a heavily defended Wehrmacht communication center where the German High Command have drawn up their battle plans to repel the Allied advance.

They intend to transmit those plans to the German front lines as soon as possible but, fortunately for Allied Command, poor weather conditions are hampering their efforts.

Your Mission:

# Destroy all alarm systems to prevent German reinforcements being alerted.

# Kill all German officers that you find there.

# Steal the first copy of their battle plans

# Find any secret areas

# Make your way to the next part of Wolfkrieg Castle

= Storyline Part Two =

You are now deep inside Wolfkrieg Castle, elements of Helga Von Bulow's Elite Guard are searching for you, as is a detachment of the deadly Blackguard paratroopers. Be alert at all times, they will not stop hunting for you.

Be warned, there are civilians in this part of the castle, if you kill them your mission is doomed to failure.

Your Mission:

# Find the second copy of the battle plans

# Kill all German officers

# Find any secret areas

# Destroy as many of the enemy forces as you can and escape

= Screenshots =

= Map Convertion Story =

This is what {WeB}*GANG$TA* had to say about the map:

"I never made any part of these maps, I merely converted them to RtCW Cooperative Mod. All I could find out about the maps' origins is that they are about 10 years old and had several names, such as, "Enemy Castle", "Nightmare Castle" and "Return to Castle Wolfenstein 2".

The maps were created by Vladimir and Andrey, again, that's all I know about them, their emails do not feature in the map "read me" file. These maps are marvelous and deserve to be played far more often than they are as RtCW SP missions. Hopefully my conversion of them will achieve that very thing." - {WeB}*GANG$TA*

= Thanks to =

{WeB}*GANG$TA* would like to thank the following people:

# Vladimir and Andrey for creating these excellent maps

# Fretn and his very talented RtCW Cooperative Crew

# SSF Sage for his excellent RtCW Coop Conversion tutorial

# Masahari, {WeB}*Kariboe*, {WeB}*Coisty* and {WeB}*DOG* for all their help, encouragement and testing of the maps and also for all their support of the superb Return to Castle Wolfenstein Cooperative Mod

Download the new maps HERE

RtCW Cooperative website HERE

SSF Sage's RtCW Cooperative conversion tutorial HERE

{WeB}*Clan* website HERE


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Written by Wolffiles, Feb 19 2015 at 01:44


= Wolf ET Maps - Latest Update =

= Canyon Depths Final =


Since the recent release of Canyon Depths Beta 10, Yatta has been working hard on the final version of his excellent Axis-attack map. We're happy to announce that this is now a reality, here's what Yatta had to say:

"So yeah, its the FINAL version as in, "I wont release another version" - unless some major bug/balance issue needs to be adressed. I took a while. Thanks to everyone who encouraged me and helped me making the map." - Yatta

Download Canyon Depths Final HERE

Source - Splatterladder Forums - Yatta

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Written by Wolffiles, Feb 14 2015 at 16:54


= Canyon Depths Beta 10 =


This is a new and improved realease of the famous Axis-attack map, created by Yatta, Canyon Depths.

= Storyline =

A large, mysterious and heavily-armed Allied outpost has been spotted in North Africa. Rumors say there's something here the Allies want to keep secret at any cost. Unfortunately for them, Axis forces are already aware of the outpost's existence and are determined to launch their attack.

However, the German Panzer Division, sent to assault the outpost, gets caught in a vicious sand storm just before their attack, sparing only a single, supplyless Jagdpanther. There's now no other option for the Axis Assault Troops who are left, there's no way back, attack is the only option, as they fight to re-supply and fuel their last remaining tank, all the way to the bitter end.

= Screenshots =

= Thanks to =

Yatta would like to thank the following people:

Aimbrosia, Happykillmore, Zacky, Blord, Alex and Blackbyte for all their encouragement. The ETF community & GoC clan for testing - special thanks to Nosi and RazorSword.

The CFB and ROP clans for their tests of the crippled, early versions. The ET mappers community at the splashdamage.com forums and Chrucker for his ET scripting reference/tutorial website.

Download the new version HERE

Please send any feedback regarding the map to itekimasu@gmail.com


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Written by Wolffiles, Feb 12 2015 at 14:40


= DSK ETKey Generator 2015 =


This is a handy new Wolfenstein Enemy Territory tool, created by the DSK Clan, that easily enables the new player to create his/her own ETKey when they are installing a new version of Wolf ET.

Download the new ETKey generator HERE

DSK Clan website HERE

Source - DSK Baldi - via Wolffiles shoutbox


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Written by Wolffiles, Feb 10 2015 at 20:12


Dark Alchemy are organizing a Trickjump event this sunday.

Your lover has given you a hard time on Valentine's day?
Then jump away on our Trickjump Event!

This sunday 15.02 at 19:30 we will start jumping.
Location: Dark Alchemy #2 -


Source: Lammert
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Written by Wolffiles, Feb 06 2015 at 17:50


= RtCW Venom Mod Version 2.0 =


Born to be a compilation of the best stuff from Return to Castle Wolfenstein in its first release, this mod, created by Hellbaron89,  improves the graphics, the gameplay and the enemy AI, as far as the old Id Tech 3 engine will allow, whilst keeping all the original game elements.

= Screenshots =

Download RtCW Venom Mod Version 2.0 HERE

Wolffiles download now available HERE

Source - Vicpas - via Wollfiles shoutbox

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Written by Wolffiles, Feb 06 2015 at 15:50


= RtCW SP Castle Gothicstein Mod =

= Coming soon! =


Another great new Return to Castle Wolfenstein single-player Mod is in production, this time being created by Aidendemon, Yo$hik and Hellbaron89 of the Wolfmap.ru team. They are carrying on with and improving the work on this mod, previously done by Duchovicius, aka, "Witchaven".

= New Features =

  • New textures and shaders
  • New models and skins
  • New sounds and music
  • New story
  • Advanced AI

= Screenshots =

Castle Gothicstein ModDB Channel HERE

Wolfmap.ru website HERE

Source - Vicpas - via Wolffiles shoutbox


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Written by Wolffiles, Feb 05 2015 at 17:13


= RtCW SP Wolfenstein 3D Secret Version =

= Created by Ozarkpro =


= Your Mission =

Find all the secrets hidden in this level, all the treasure too and then do your utmost to escape.

= Screenshots =

= Thanks =

Ozarkpro would like to thank The Pirate for his first version W3D that inspired him to create the secret level and also Vicpas, for his extraordinary work and help in making this level work correctly.

Download Ozarkptro's RtCW SP mission HERE

Source - Gamebanana - Vicpas

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Written by Wolffiles, Feb 04 2015 at 18:00


= RtCW SP Addon Hell Mappack 2 =


= The Mission =

Alied spies have reported that the Germans have set up a lab near an underground tunnel. They are taking coffins out of the tunnel and experimenting on the zombies inside the coffins. The German Armed Forces are also taking various treasures from the tunnel.

Your orders are to infiltrate the lab and stop the Axis at all costs. They cannot be allowed to continue disturbing the dead from their sleep. Be careful, Allied spies also report that some lopers are at the lab.

= Screenshots =

Download Ronboy's RtCW Hell Mappack 2 HERE

Source - Gamebanana - Vicpas


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Written by Wolffiles, Feb 04 2015 at 14:08


= RtCW SP Mission - Operation Deathshead =

Another chance, for those who missed the first release, to download and play Ronboy's excellent RtCW SP addon, "Operation Deathshead".

This Rtcw SP addon is 2 levels long and includes many new techniques that Ron has learned as an RtCW SP mapper. Please read the readme file for instructions and other information. In order to fully enjoy Operation Deathshead, you must follow the instructions on the readme file carefully.


= Screenshots =

Download RtCW SP Operation Deathshead HERE

Source - Gamebanana - Vicpas

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Written by Wolffiles, Jan 29 2015 at 20:34


= Dark Mule Skins - Weapons & Soundpack =

What does the Dark Mule Pack contain?

  • Head models have been modified, (smaller than standard and changed the texture of the hair, e.g.,  Axis hairstyles shaved heads up)
  • New models Backpack added
  • Added complete Backpack equipment
  • Added new belt models,  (belts with additional equipment, now longer for each class)
  • Fully and partially altered textures, (this includes face, uniform and weapons textures - dominated camouflage pattern)
  • Helmet models are now lower
  • Sounds of weapons and environments are changed by more than 90%
  • Chat sounds have been added and some partially altered
  • Package requires the command + set com_hunkmegs 128
  • Package contains a "read me" text file with installallation instructions and how to troubleshoot any problems - it is preferable to read this guide because only then will the package work properly  



Dark Mule website HERE

Download the pack HERE

Dark Mule Youtube video HERE

Source - Rehhhh - via Splatterladder Forums

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Written by Wolffiles, Jan 20 2015 at 23:24


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= Vendetta 1.2 =

This mission pack is an improved version of the Vendetta 1.1, with more levels.


= Storyline=

The Allied Intelligence Agency has learned that the German Armed Forces are developing a new air apparatus, known as the  "Helicopter" combat prototype, which can destroy armored vehicles and infantry.

You are an agent of the resistance who has the task of locating and assassinating all important persons of the Third Reich involved in this top secret project. However, your mission becomes even more difficult as you strive to find as much evidence and documentation of the project as possible, before these deadly military prototypes take to the battlefield.

= Screenshots =

Download & installation information HERE

Yo$hik's website HERE

Source - Vicpas - via Wolffiles.de shoutbox


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Written by RtCW4ever, Jan 18 2015 at 21:10


RtCW SP Mod: Flying Saucers - 10 playables and 2 cutscenes

This mission pack is a fantastic adventure having as background the mystical flying saucers.
About Russian soldier whose name Alex Barbariskin must capture the German documentation and deliver the experimental piece of the flying saucer.

Mod download on Wolfenstein4ever.de

» read more on RtCW4ever
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