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Written by Wolffiles, Apr 13 2015 at 15:04


= Wolfenstein Enemy Territory - Tour 2 =


This a Wolf ET frag map created by Macchute, aka oVe.

= Storyline =

The map includes a fully working elevator and there's a couple of comic textures. It was based on an unreleased map called, "African Radar", the map is, however, set in Europe and the cliff and bunker shapes can easily be related to the map, "Bergen". The elevator is the map "objective", if the elevator is up when the time has ended, the Allies win. If the elevator is down, the Axis win.

The radiant map file is included in the pk3 and you are allowed to edit the map and take prefabs, as long you give credits to:

# Wolf ET Clan saints&sinners

# Thewolfteam

# Macchute

= Screenshots =

Download Tour 2 HERE

Macchute's website HERE

Saints&Sinners website HERE

Source - Splatterladder Forums - SiNRay

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Written by Wolffiles, Apr 08 2015 at 20:55


Today the first WolfAdmin beta was released, after a few months of development (with a small stop) and a lot of testing! This is a huge milestone, as the plug-in is now available for download and can thus be tested by everyone!

WolfAdmin is a Lua module for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory servers. It is an enhancement of the existing game, mod and shrubbot functionalities, providing you with extra tools to administrate your server. The module is created for server owners; players do not have to download it. Currently the module only supports NoQuarter, though plans are to support ETLegacy, silEnT mod, N!tmod and other mods as well.

Among the features are advanced logging of player data, such as aliases, warn and level history, and a new set of commands your administrators may use. Another thing which WolfAdmin provides is a new set of custom voting options, currently supporting several new votes for bots control. To call such votes, there is also a new WolfAdmin vote menu which servers may use. Finally the module also provides some features which were originally implemented by popular mods such as NoQuarter, ETPub and ETPro. These features include player greetings, warn history and spree records.

You are able to download the latest version from the website! Please report any bugs you find in the bug tracker.

Source: Timo=PrkL= (thanks to Lammert for the news)
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Written by Wolffiles, Apr 07 2015 at 18:30


= ETNam - Safe Spot Beta 2 =


This is a new Allied-attack map, created by Thunder for ETNam.

= Storyline =

An Allied squad are trapped behind enemy lines in the Vietnamese jungle. In order to escape, they must fight their way through the jungle, from flag to flag, capturing and holding each flag for 3 minutes. Once they have done this, for all four capture flags, they will then gain access to the helicopter compound where they will have to overcome all Vietcong forces, enabling their escape to safety.

= Screenshots =

Download the new map HERE

Wolffiles download HERE

Thunder's website HERE

Source - Splashdamage - Thunder


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Written by RtCW4ever, Mar 31 2015 at 18:48


What is ETJump? ETJump is a trickjump modification for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. It is based on etmain and includes bugfixes and lot's of features to give you the perfect trickjumping experience.

ETJump 2.0.4 is ready! Everything that I wanted is not in but as there were quite a few bugs that caused crashes I decided to release it already.

    Fixed a bug that caused vote_limit to be ignored.
    Support for timeruns
    Fixed some database bugs
    Added slick detector
    Added alternative scoreboard
    Added another alternative scoreboard
    Fixed a bug that caused axis engineers to spawn with rifle nades when noexplosives was active.
    cg_viewplayerportals value 2: you only see other players' portals when you're speccing them
    Added target_scale_velocity
        lower_limit: if velocity is under lower_limit, nothing will be activated
        upper_limit: if velocity is over upper_limit, nothing will be activated
        if either limit is 0, it will be ignored
        1: only horizontal velocity
        2: only vertical velocity
        Example usage of target_activate_if_velocity
    Added target_activate_if_velocity
        scale: multiplier that velocity will be scaled with
        Example usage of target_scale_velocity
    Added random map mode (g_randomMapMode where the server automatically changes map every X minutes (defined in g_randomMapModeInterval).


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Written by Wolffiles, Mar 27 2015 at 18:12


Are you afraid of zombies?
Then better not join A2 this sunday.
 If you have nerves of steel you are more then welcome to fight.
 Because this sunday we have zombies on our server and we need your help to get rid of them.
 Ofcourse we need zombies to shoot too, so -)A(-Wutang is allowed on server also.
 Join us and save humanity!

Source: http://www.dark-alchemy.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=461

Newsposter: Lammert

» read more on Wolffiles
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Written by Wolffiles, Mar 27 2015 at 07:04


A few things have changed since N!tmod 2.2, and some of your old server config files might need some adjustments to run with 2.3.

Don't forget to check the Setup tutorial and the NxAC Setup tutorial if you get any problems during the installation/update.



N!tmod 2.3 FINAL (Changes since N!tmod 2.3 BETA 2):

Added: Serverlist can now display N!tmod servers' NxAC status

Added: Filter to show/hide NxAC protected servers in the serverlist

Added: Serverlist can now show bot counts (ex: 10(+3)/32 means 10 real players, 3 bots, 32 clients max)

Added: /cheaters command: Will display cheaters list (useful for servers where auto kick/ban is not enabled)

Added: sv_NxAC serverstatus cvar, so game trackers can know the server's cheat protection status

Added: n_NxAC cvar. 0: Warning only | 1 - Auto kick/ban | 2 - Auto screenshot + kick/ban

Modified: Improved !showbans output (fixed layout and added UserID)

Fixed: Some !commands output could be truncated, or simply not sent to clients.

Added: Date and time are now logged into NxAC screenshot info files

Added: Violation are now logged into NxAC screenshot info files in case of auto-screenshot

Fixed: Freeze problem after map change/vid_restart should now be fixed

Fixed: Potential NxAC crash

Fixed: Satchel stats problem (http://bugs.etmods.net/index.php?do=details&task_id=67)

Fixed: Merged some NxAC security and stability fixes from N!tmod 2.4's work in progress

Fixed: Wounded players disappearing when gibbed by MOD_GOOMBA

Fixed: n_standCrouchDelay cvar name typo

Fixed: !mute and !unmute were not always working as expected

Fixed: Erroneous "Player ended his own spree" when spectating another player and changing team

N!tmod 2.3 BETA 2 (Changes since N!tmod 2.3 BETA 1):

Fixed: When hitting a teammate on FF enabled servers and "Teamkill assistances" are not enabled, players were getting a "Kill assistance"

Fixed: Adrenaline wouldn't drain charge sometimes when used by a non-medic class and depending on the server's chargetime settings

Added: n_voteMaxTimelimit - Allow capping the maximum timelimit vote value

Fixed: Round timer now supports higher timelimit and can display hours and, in extreme cases, days remaining.

Added: n_classesMaxHP: Allow setting max HP for each class

Fixed: NxAC was reporting players with suspicious memory modules as "GAMEHACK" instead of "SUSPICIOUS MEMORY MODULE".

N!tmod 2.3 BETA 1 (Changes since N!tmod 2.2 Final):

Fixed: Major memory leak in the Admin System

Fixed: All the known crash/data loss issues in the SQLite/Admin System code

Fixed: Prone bbox height

Fixed: Some constructibles couldn't be built

Fixed: Console prints if a dynamite is disarmed by owner or teammate

Fixed: ETPro "delete" mapscript can now find entities by any key, not only by "origin"

Fixed: "cvar" script action was not working correctly

Fixed: wm_announce and wm_annonce_icon were not logged and could break compatibility with some LUA modules

Fixed: "Modern Ammo Bar" bug

Fixed: !shuffle was sometimes moving spectators into team

Fixed: Sten damage did not match ETMain value (was 18, is now 14)

Fixed: damage/splashdamage/splashradius values were hardcoded for some weapons, causing weapon scripts to have no effect

Fixed: Some objectives couldn't be picked up if g_realbody was enabled

Fixed: Slot number was sometimes invalid in !finger output

Fixed: "Highest fragger" award is now given to the player with the least deaths if more than one players have the most kills

Fixed: Some global stats were incremented when killing bots, or during warmup

Fixed: Engineer's bomb damage and splash radius were too high

Fixed: Max ammo was wrong for some weapons, which could result in players having 14 or 16 revive syringes, for example

Fixed: g_landminetimeout and g_tripminetimeout were not working correctly (some mines were not removed)

Fixed: Bots aim error after being revived

Fixed: Players could sometimes respawn in tanks if they were killed while mounting it

Fixed: "Dynamite planted" objective announces were sometimes awarded to the player who set the dynamite instead of the player who armed it

Fixed: Sometimes censor would mute the wrong player, or mutes would disappear on client reconnect

Fixed: level 5 medics always had 10 extra HP when picking a medpack. Now the 10 extra HP are only given if the medpack was dropped by a level 5 medic

Fixed: Players who kill themselves with their own bomb used to get a new one after being revived

Fixed: !nextmap now starts intermission and let players vote for next map (just like a "nextmap" vote) if g_mapVoteFlags flag 16 is set and gametype is Map Voting.

Fixed: default "commands.db" file was corrupted

Fixed: Don't !nade spectators

Fixed: !delrecords DELETEALL was not working because of a SQLite syntax error

Fixed: problems with high levels in commands.db

Fixed: When dead and following another player, v6 (vsay player class) was wrong. Now, it will announce their latched class

Fixed: crosshair names and class icon overlapping for disguised enemies

Fixed: Missing crosshair hint value when arming/disarming landmine/dynamite

Fixed: Do not play poison syringe hit sound on clients that we can't poison

Fixed: Missing weaponstats for Poison gas landmine

Fixed: Missing obituary message for MOD_POISONGASMINE

Fixed: Landmines ammo count could be wrong when too many map mines were planted (on baserace for example)

Fixed: Don't draw crosshair mine ID for map mines

Fixed: Spree/Multikill announce position now changes when client receives a notification popup

Fixed: Couldn't vote to enable friendly fire if other bitflags than 1 were set on g_friendlyFire

Fixed: New gametypes were missing in votes menu

Added: n_greetingPos

Added: n_killAssistances

Added: n_noSkillUpgrades

Added: n_tankMountDelay

Added: n_standCrouchDelay

Added: n_crouchStandDelay

Added: n_reviveSpreeOptions

Added: n_minNameLength

Added: n_crazyGravity

Added: n_crazyGravityMin

Added: n_crazyGravityMax

Added: n_crazyGravityInterval

Added: n_multiReviveTime

Added: n_LogCurrentTime

Added: g_DMOptions flag 16384: Enable intermission map voting

Added: g_dualSMG flag 2: Drop both primary weapons when players go into limbo mode

Added: g_poison flag 8: Can't cure poison with medpacks dropped by our poisoner (Requires g_poison flag 2 to be enabled)

Added: omnibot_flags flag 65536: Bots will use Poison Gas Landmines (if enabled) rather than normal Landmines

Added: g_hitboxes flag 16: Players can avoid bullet impacts when they are behind a player who has just been revived (Default ET behavior)

Added: g_realbody flag 2: body hitbox height lowered to shoulders

Added: g_realbody flag 4: Dead/Prone/Playdead hitboxes height lowered

Added: g_realbody flag 8: Crouch hitbox lowered to shoulders (more than original ones)

Added: cg_pmColor client cvar: Private messages color (Ex: cg_pmColor "1" will display red pm)

Added: cg_noGreetingSounds cvar: Let clients disable greeting sounds if they don't want to hear them

Added: ETPub style scoreboard double tap to sort players by XP or K/D

Added: demo_wallHack client cvar, allow using "real" wallhack during demo playback

Added: Global stats can be displayed in game using "globalstats" command (automaticly bound to "N" key if not bound to another key)

Added: Client notification popups (First blood, incoming PM/Adminchat, warnings...)

Added: cg_notificationFadeTime & cg_notificationTime cvars to customize notification popups

Added: "minimize" command (windows only)

Added: ETPro crosshairs (up to cg_drawCrosshair 15)

Added: ETPro style Extended ASCII characters support

Added: Player's hit regions stats during intermission

Added: "Best Revive Spree" Award

Added: "Best Engineer" Award: Most objectives planted/defused/destroyed/constructed

Added: "Best CovertOps" Award: Most uniform steal, satchel kills, satchel destructions, landmines spotted

Added: "Best FieldOps" Award: Most ammo given, most tank/trucks destroyed with arty/airstrike

Added: True player count in the server browser (requires original .menu file, don't forget to update your custom pk3s with this new file if needed)

Added: Adminchat window (similar to the normal chat box)

Added: globalstats in N!tmod>Controls menu

Added: adminchat window N!tmod>Controls menu

Added: Backstabs & UniformSteal stats are now sent to the master server

Added: Client game version is now displayed in !finger output

Added: Custom commands [i] tag will now be replaced by the player's slot number

Added: Revive spree records are now stored in the SQLite database (inside "records" table, like other map records)

Added: New map records are now announced during intermission, previous records are also announced for comparison

Added: !crazygravity command: Toggle Crazy Gravity

Modified: Shuffle is now based on player's Global + local KD Ratio (local KD ratio only if global stats were not retrieved from the master)

Modified: Increased database max users from 32768 to 65536

Modified: g_revenge: Revenges give +1xp

Modified: Updated SQLite to version 3.8.5 (previous version:

Modified: Improved SQLite code to process queries faster

Modified: Improved entities code (Should considerably reduce server CPU usage on maps with a lot of entities or servers with a lot of players)

Modified: Artillery code now uses less entities

Modified: New Inactivity code: Old one was buggy and used to add some useless delays

Modified: Improved hit detection code for default hitboxes ( g_hitboxes 0)

Modified: New "votes.db" syntax (see http://etmods.net/nitmod_install.php)

Removed: n_SQLiteLogs cvar


Added: et_ReceivedGlobalStats(clientNum, statsBuffer) callback function

It is called whenever server receives global stats for a player.

'clientNum' is the clientNum of the client whose stats have been received

'statsBuffer' contains space separated values:


Added: LUA: ReadOnly access to sess.aWeaponStats

Fixed: G_LuaHook_ConsoleCommand was missing

Fixed: et_ClientBegin( clientNum ) callback is now only called once per map (ETPro behavior)

Added: et.G_PlayerCount(type) function :

t.G_PlayerCount(0) = Total number of connected players

t.G_PlayerCount(et.TEAM_AXIS) = Total number of axis players

t.G_PlayerCount(et.TEAM_ALLIES) = Total number of allied players

t.G_PlayerCount(et.TEAM_SPECTATOR) = Total number of spectators

Tripmine code has been completely reworked:

Tripmines now need to be armed

Once a tripmine is armed, it takes 1 second to become active (the beam is a little transparent when it's not active)

If it's not armed, a tripmine will fade after 15 seconds

It is impossible to arm an enemy tripmine

Tripmines can be disarmed (they always did)

Tripmines can be damaged (2 SMG shots) if g_damageweapons flag 32 is set (no big change here)

Fixed: team tripmine counter was not adjusted if a player disconnected/changed team and n_tripmineTimeout was enabled

Once a tripmine is placed, player will automatically switch to pliers to arm it


Added: Client Cvars Scanner

Added: Client binary checksum verification

Added: Cvar violations are now reported to ETMods.net master server

Added: Cvar Scanner warnings (n_NxAC_CvarScanMaxWarnings) before kick

Added: Semi-working cheat detection (detected cheaters will be reported to adminchat and added to the server's NxAC violations log)

Added: server side "getss" command: /getss [name|slot#] (JPEG Quality: min 10 max 100 default 70)

Remote screenshots are now saved inside "nitmod/NxAC/screenshots" on server, player informations are saved in a .txt file near the screenshot file (names are the same, only the extension changes)

If remote screenshot fails, a violation is triggered, logged, and reported to adminchat


Sources : SiNRay via SL | etmods.net


Download the mod here


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Written by Wolffiles, Mar 24 2015 at 06:34



We're having another gaming event @ ETF during Easter Weekend!

Please join us this Easter Weekend for a frag event. We will be rounding up a lot of regulars and and ET gamers from different clans and gaming communities.

Connect from console via domain name or IP:

/connect etforever.com

Map Listing for this event is posted on the main page of our forums: www.etforever.com

Teamspeak will be live and cranking @ ts3.etforever.com

We hope to see you there!
Source: FlyingdutchmaN via SL
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Written by Wolffiles, Mar 20 2015 at 01:02


= Return to Castle Wolfenstein Single Player =

= Weapons Patch =


This is a weapons patch, which has been created by Vicpas, for Return to Castle Wolfenstein SP missions, "Stalingrad" & "Iron Cross". The weapons patch includes three weapons, the Russian PPSH and the German-made MP44 and Gewehr 43 rifle.

The weapons were originally meant to be included in the final release of both mods, but were not ready in time. Thanks to Vicpas, this is no longer an issue and all these weapons can now be enjoyed in both the "Stalingrad SP" and "Iron Cross SP" adventures.

= Screenshots =

= Credits =

Vicpas would like to thank the following people:

# Alexandre for the additional Weapons 4 Mod.
# Vladimir Vovstein for his excellent RtCW SP modifications.
# Depro777 for the superb RtCW Flying Saucers SP Mod.
# The Enemy Territory team for their MG42 model.

Download the RtCW SP Weapons Patch HERE

Source - Vicpas - Gamebanana

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Written by RtCW4ever, Mar 16 2015 at 21:22


Can You Row This? - Enemy Territory Jump Movies by Th0sy

ET Jump Movies | Can You Row This? NoDown and Can You Row This? Airwaves_B1.
Two nice trickjump movies in excellent quality with relaxed music. Both Movies created by Th0sy, Jumps from Skepty.

ýoutube and download on wolfenstein4ever.de

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Written by RtCW4ever, Mar 12 2015 at 20:14


UJE trainstation b4  - map made by  [UJE]Niek

The Allies must blow up the entrance of a large Building to get acces to the Trainstation. In the Trainstation are 2 anti tank guns ready for transport to Siwa Oasis where the axis can use it for theire fortress. Axis have to prevent the Allies for blowing up the guns.

Allies objective:
*Destroy the main entrance
*Destroy both Anti Tank Guns.

Axis objective:
*Defend the main entrance
*Defend the Anti Tank Guns
*Build the 2 Barricades

download and pics on wolfenstein4ever.de

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Written by Wolffiles, Mar 10 2015 at 15:59


= RtCW Remake Mod =


The long-awaited beta release of Return to Castle Wolfenstein Remake Mod, created by Grzegorz Mirtyński & Cezary Szydlik, is finally here. This Mod utilises the creative improvements that can be achieved when using the new Berserker engine, thus giving this version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein a more modern appearance in regards to all aspects of the game, e.g., textures, lighting, gameplay.

= Screenshots =

Download RtCW Remake Mod Part 1 HERE

Download RtCW Remake Mod Part 2 HERE

Alternatively: Download the complete file via torrent HERE

RtCW Remake Mod on ModDB HERE

Source - Splashdamage - Vicpas


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Written by RtCW4ever, Mar 08 2015 at 16:41


Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is a standalone prequel to The New Order

Bethesda has announced Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, a standalone prequel to Machine Games' first-person shooter Wolfenstein: The New Order.

It's out 5th May 2015 digitally and in boxed form for PlayStation 4 and PC, and digital only for Xbox One, priced £14.99. There's no mention of PS3 and Xbox 360. You don't need Wolfenstein: The New Order to play.

Here's the set-up:    The year is 1946 and the Nazis are on the brink of winning World War 2. In an effort to turn the tide in the Allies' favour, B.J. Blazkowicz must embark on an epic, two-part mission deep within Bavaria.
    Part one of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - Rudi Jäger and the Den of Wolves - pits B.J. Blazkowicz against a maniacal prison warden as he breaks into Castle Wolfenstein in an attempt to steal the coordinates to General Deathshead's compound.
    In part two - The Dark Secrets of Helga Von Schabbs - our hero's search for the coordinates leads him to the city of Wulfburg where an obsessed Nazi archaeologist is exhuming mysterious artefacts that threaten to unleash a dark and ancient power.
The trailer, below, shows off Wolfenstein: The Old Blood gameplay, some new weapons and enemies. Expect more from PAX East this weekend.

++++ UPDATE ++++
The Wolfenstein: The Old Blood gameplay stream has finished, but is grabbed the footage and popped it on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

Wolfenstein - The Old Blood: Standalone-Addon angekündigt

Im Mai veröffentlicht Bethesda Softworks den Shooter Wolfenstein: The Old Blood und erzählt in diesem die Vorgeschichte zum 2014 erschienenen Wolfenstein: The New Order.

B.J. Blazkowicz im Doppelpack
Wolfenstein: The Old Blood ist ein sogenanntes Standalone-Add-on zu Wolfenstein: The New Order und kann somit auch eigenständig gespielt werden.
Die Handlung beginnt im März 1946 und setzt sich aus zwei ineinanderfließenden Geschichten zusammen, in deren Mittelpunkt erneut der US-amerikanische Soldat B.J. Blazkowicz steht.
Insgesamt werden acht Kapitel versprochen, Fans dürfen sich außerdem auf neue Geheimnisse, Feinde und natürlich auch Waffen freuen.
In "Rudi Jäger und die Höhle der Wölfe", so der Titel der ersten Mission, dringt B.J. Blazkowicz in die Burg Wolfenstein ein.
Ziel ist es, eine Akte des Regimes zu finden, die den Aufenthaltsort von General Totenkopfs Basis verraten könnte.
In dem Gemäuer bekommt Blazkowicz es allerdings mit dem ebenso gefährlichen wie wahnsinnigen Leiter eines Gefängnisses zu tun.
Die zweite Mission "Die dunklen Geheimnisse der Helga von Schabbs" führt den Protagonisten in die Stadt Wulfburg.
Dort sucht eine dem Regime untergebene Archäologin nach unheilvollen Artefakten, mit denen eine uralte Macht heraufbeschworen werden soll.
Für PC und PlayStation 4 und Xbox One
Wolfenstein: The Old Blood entsteht bei MachineGames, also demselben Studio, das auch schon für den Vorgänger zuständig war.


» read more on RtCW4ever
Written by RtCW4ever, Mar 08 2015 at 16:39


Return to Castle Wolfenstein Singleplayer Venom Mod 2.5 by HEllBaron89

Born for be a compilation of the best stuff for Return to Castle Wolfenstein in first release, this mod improve graphic, gameplay and AI of enemies with all possibility of the old Id Tech 3, keeping the original game elements.

The mod include:
    Widescreen patch 1.42c by Knightmare.
    HD skins, reflective leather uniforms and traslucent armors, HD helmets, some improved vehicles.
    HD textures for all weapons by OSJC and AidenDemon, modified for shader support.
    Enhanced shader effects for all weapons and environment (metal surfaces, armor, floors, etc).
    New mg42 model (ported from Wolfenstein: ET).
    Radical revision of AI for all levels.
    HD crosshairs and autoexec.cfg file for max graphic quality with better colors.
    Upscaled original textures with shader effects and HD textures from Eugeny pack 0.4 modified.
    All effects made for original game engine Id Tech 3.
    Full compatibility with other mods and iortcw.

Copy all the content of the package like it's on your RTCW installation folder. The cfg. file is facoltative, but increase the graphic quality to max possible for the engine. (is necessary the game patched to 1.41 to apply the wide patch and extreme quality cfg file!!)

download on wolfenstein4ever.de

» read more on RtCW4ever
Written by RtCW4ever, Mar 08 2015 at 16:36


RtCW Single player 5 level Map mission "Dark Matters" created by Yo$hik

For correct work the game need to be patched at least version 1.32

Your target: find and rescue the captive agent, and if there is no chance to save - to eliminate in order to avoid information leaks. According to the intelligence of his holding in the chamber beneath the cathedral, located in a small village in the mountains.
For better operation sent two agents: one that used to hold outfit and you to do the job and not get caught on the road to the village. You have no right to make mistakes, people's lives depend on you.

Gametypes supported:  
Single Player - New Textures - New Sounds - New Models - New Skins

Alienka - Laborator - Laborator 2 - Cathedral - Depot

1) Place DarkMatters folder in your Return to Castle Wolfenstein/... directory
2) Start "DarkMatter's" in  your Return to Castle Wolfenstein/... directory from the DarkMatters.bat file or select in Mod menu.

download on wolfenstein4ever.de

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Written by RtCW4ever, Mar 08 2015 at 16:32


ET Movie The Flying Finn (Original Trickjumps) by sungi

Well here we are, I was supposed to make a better quality and edited movie, but I ran out of motivation after trickjumping extensively for months. I figured if I don't finish this movie now, I never will. Some FRAPS clips were laggy.

Parov Stelar - Chambermaid Groove
Crystal Method - Drown In The Now (Radio Edit)
Machinae Supremacy - Mortal Wound (Skye's Requiem)

ET 2.60b @ etjump 2.0.3
Sony Vegas Pro 11

Movie download on wolfenstein4ever.de
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