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MAPINFO FOR: clavier
ET: clavier

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Name: Clavier beta1*
Game: RtCW: Enemy Territory (ET)
Downloads: - WolfFiles (download + easy map testing)
Axis have built a big trojan infection into all computers in America. Allies need to destroy the main computer to kill this trojan. Allies use "the Shrink-Gun2008" to shrink like a mouse to do the mission. Axis know Allies are coming soon then use Shrink-Gun2008 to shrink too.

1. "Primary Objective:**Protect keyboard Radar heart.
2. "Primary Objective:**Destroy the Allied last respawn door. You dont need to do this to win the match.Defend the keyboard first!
3. "Secondary Objective:**Prevent Allied Team to take the Battery under the chair then secured it to the remote control.
4. "Secondary Objective:**Protect the Flag in the pad mouse.
5. "Secondary Objective:**Destroy the Dust when it sweep to reach teleporter .
6. "Secondary Objective:**Prevent or destroy the toilet paper bridge and Ruler Bridge on Mapworld Side.
7. "Secondary Objective:**Build the Axis Flak_Panzer_38 can be Fire every 45sec.... 8 panzers in 1 hit...
8. "Secondary Objective:**Set up a Command Post to fortifying your defense whit the Tactical System defense, and your offense whit Ammo and Health box ON.

1. "Primary Objective:** Destroy the center of the keyboard.
2. "Primary Objective:**Dont Let The Allied Team Destroy The Big Door In The First Allied Respawn. It Your Last Respawn.. If They Destroy It, You Lost The Game..
3. "Secondary Objective:**Steal the ^6Battery under the chair then bring it back to the remote control to make the teleporter working by bypassing electricity..
4. "Secondary Objective:**Take a new respawn whit the flag.
5. "Secondary Objective:**Engenieer need to sweep the corner to reach teleporter.
6. "Secondary Objective:**Build The Bridge On the little Desk and on the Map board to reach the desk.
7. "Secondary Objective:**Dont let axis team buid the Axis Flak_Panzer_38 or Destroy it to avoid to much dommage.
8. "Secondary Objective:**Establish a forward Command Post to improve your team and Unlock Ammo and Health box.


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