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MAPINFO FOR: et_tundra_beta4a
ET: et_tundra_beta4a

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Name: ET Tundra beta4a*
Game: RtCW: Enemy Territory (ET)
Downloads: - WolfFiles (download + easy map testing)
The Allies have orders to lay siege on an Axis held outpost near the coast, infiltrate the Axis compound and destroy the power grid.
Once the power is disabled allied forces can advance further inland.

Allies have to attack on this winter map to destroy the power grid.
First obstacle is a big wall with an open gate where Axis already wait to start the frag fest. Allies have to prove their skills already at this place to conquer the spawn flag. From the flag there are multiple routes to invade the Axis fortress.
There is a way through the tunnel system to fall into Axis' back. Another one through the second big gate which has to be blow up by an engineer and a third way through the hallways which you can find in the house behind the tower next to the first big gate.
Once you're inside the fortress there's just to destroy the power grid.

Highest Priority is to defend the flag and therefore to prevent that Allies can gather in the tunnel and there to respawn.
In the meantime you should build the command post in the house.
If the respawn flag is lost you have to build the defense (2 MG's), lay mines and defend the big gate.
Furthermore don't loose the focus on the different entrances for Allies otherwise they are very quick inside the fortress.

ET_Tundra is a converted map from RtCW to ET which was already a highlight in RtCW.
It's a small map without too long ways to go and because of the different ways for Allies very balanced.


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