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MAPINFO FOR: WodanfiresAssault_2
ET: WodanfiresAssault_2

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Name: Wodanfires Assault final2
Game: RtCW: Enemy Territory (ET)
Info: Objectives:

AXIS Defend with Multiple MG-Nests; Build AXIS Command Post.

ALLIES Assault: Destroy West Bunker Door, East Seawall, Seawall Stairway Door

West Bunker becomes Allies only when the Seawall Stairway Door is destroyed.

Obective for allies is to take back the secret wodanfire documents.
The dox are laid on the table in the axis chambers below ground.
Allies are to blow up the stairwell door to gain entrance down below or secretly
send a uniformed covert through the axis spawn doorway to get
down below to take the dox. Allies should bring the dox to the east side radio
transmitter on the beach.

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