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ET: citadel_obj

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Name: The Citadel Objective Edition different versions*
Game: RtCW: Enemy Territory (ET)
Downloads: - WolfFiles Select(download + easy map testing)
Axis are cut off from their main force and guard their limited ammunition in a cellar storage. The Allies have to load the cannon with ammo and blast an opening in the Axis Citadel ammo depot, then infiltrate and sabotage the Axis ammunition.

1 "Build cannon Ladder"
2 "Steal cannon ammo"
3 "Fire cannon"
4 "Destroy wooden barrier"
5 "Destroy ammo depot"
6 "Build command post"

1 "Prevent Allied from building cannon ladder"
2 "Protect cannon ammo"
3 "Prevent Allied from firing the cannon"
4 "Build wooden barrier"
5 "Protect Axis ammo depot"
6 "Build command post"


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