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ET: stnazaire

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Name: St. Nazaire final*
Game: RtCW: Enemy Territory (ET)
Downloads: - WolfFiles (download + easy map testing)
The dry dock at St. Nazaire is a key goal in the fight to keep the mighty Axis destroyer Tirpitz out of the Atlantic shipping channels.
It's January 1942 and the port of St Nazaire has been pinpointed as a critical target in the battle to keep the Atlantic supply channels open. The Tirpitz was a large destroyer capable of cutting off supplies to English shores thus starving the English into submission. The only dry dock capable of taking of ship of her size is the dry dock at St Nazaire this is to be the target. A specialist commando unit is being sent in to ensure this dock is disabled.

- Spawn at either the Old Mole, the jetty or on board the HMS Campbelltown.
- Troops spawning at the Campbelltown should blow the harbour wall for easier access.
- The door to south winding house needs to be blown.
- The South winding equipment can then be blown.
- The forward spawn in the warehouse allows quicker route through.
- The north winding house door can be barricaded by the Axis troops (satchel destroyable).
- The north winding equipment can then be blown to win the game.
- The North dock gate is control by a lever on the Axis side of the dock, sneak across to open bridge allowing easier access to North winding house.

- Spawn at either the Harbour masters house, warehouse forward spawn point or Axis Garrison.
- Build the North winding house barricade.
- Defend the Winding equipment on both south and north.
- Defend the North dock gate controls.
- Defend the warehouse forward spawn point.

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