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MAPINFO FOR: lays_of_schwarzwald_b1
ET: lays_of_schwarzwald_b1

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Name: Lays of Schwarzwald Beta 1
Game: RtCW: Enemy Territory (ET)
Downloads: - WolfFiles (download + easy map testing)
It's the summer of 1940, in a European forest village, situated in the famous Schwarzwald forest.
The Axis Forces are operating a secret weapons facility at this location, where they are developing
the next generation of V Rockets.

The Allied troops must take control of the village, steal a Jagdpanther tank and use it to secure the
tunnel route through the mountains. Once that objective is completed the Allies must then assault
the Axis V Rocket factory and completely destroy it.


1] Escort the Tank through the Village and destroy the Tunnel Gate.
2] Escort the Tank through the tunnels to permanently push Axis to the Rocket Base.
3] Bring all four Explosion Materials to the Rocket.
4] Build the Detonator to blow up the Rocket Base.
5] Blow up the Rocket Base using the constructed Detonator.


1] Construct the Tank Barrier.
2] Construct the Command Post.
3] Defend the dynamite charges.
4] Don't let the Allies build the detonator.
5] Defend the rocket.

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