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MAPINFO FOR: mp_password2
RtCW: mp_password2

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Name: Password 2 (v1.0)
Game: Return to Castle Wolfenstein (RtCW)
1. Spy the Password and input it to start process to get objective. This process can be stopped by Emergecy Button, so prevent Axis from pressing the button. If process is aborted, password will be changed.
2. Steal the Endoarm.
3. Escape with the Endoarm to the waiting Truck.
4. Breach the Service Door.
5. Capture the Flag.

1. Prevent the Allies from spying the Password and input it. If Password is input, push the Emergency Button to abort process.If process is aborted, password will be changed.
2. Prevent Allies from stealing the Endoarm.
3. Prevent Allies from escaping with the Endoarm.
4. Defend the Service Door.
5. Hold the Flag.


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