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Page visits: 21294
Clan ID: 17512
Clan Tag: [ZT]
Location: Europe
Web Site: http://zerot.ucoz.com
Total Members: 2
Recruiting Members: No
Registered at: Feb 28 2006
Contact Address: vade'at'zerot.net

Zero Tolerance is back and better than ever!

If you are an active player and you're looking for a clan that is active then [ZT] is for you. We are an active clan who only take on active players. Our goals are to create an active online gaming community, make friends within the ET community, maintain a high standard of gameplay and crack down on cheaters and host events for all ET players and [ZT] members alike.

Our priority is to create a fun and dedicated clan; we also want to find and recognise the enormous potential of players out there and invite them to become a part of [ZT].
Rank Player Name Server Name Rating Total Time Proportional Time (in %) Ping Last Seen
R -
[ZT] VADE→ Leader
- 0.01 42.2 days 88.6% 51 ms 1333d
R -
[ZT] BoG3y
- 0.00 5.4 days 11.4% 53 ms 2887d
  47.6 days  

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