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Panini* Clan
Clan ID: 164954
Clan Tag: Panini*
Clan Name: Panini* Clan
Location: Worldwide
Web Site: http://paniniclanforum.forumsmotion.com/
Total Members: 7
Recruiting Members: No
Registered at: May 26 2009
Contact Address: https://discord.gg/nEn85Z7
About Panini
We, Panini*, are a clan of loyal/close friends who like to play together. We love the team-play and we always try to have fun and spend good moments when we play together. Actually, we play on ET and even on Battlefield 1, where you can find us searching for Panini*Clan, we have the [PAIN] tag with a warrior sperm as platoon emblem. 
Right now, we have a forum, but we do not use it from years. We just use WhatsApp to communicate and organise meeting, maybe in the future, if we will consider the forum useful, we will use it again.
• On ET we play on ETc|Clan
• On Bf1, we have not a particular server where we play; we decide together the mod and the maps we want to play, and then we start the game.

How contact us
We have a server on DISCORD where we meet each other to talk while we play. You can contact us just downloading the program at https://discordapp.com/download and pressing this invitation link https://discord.gg/nEn85Z7 , after that you can only type in the group chat, where you can present yourself, even if noone is there, we will read and consider it. Then we will give you a role/level that will allow you to talk.

About Recruitment
-Are we recruiting for ET?
No, the Clan is not recruiting for the moment, maybe in the future.
-Are we recruiting for Bf1?
Yes, on Battlefield 1, there is a different situation, we have a Platoon of 8 members, and the recruitment is not closed, so if you are interest, feel free to contact us!

Clan Friends :

Rank Player Name Server Name Rating Total Time Proportional Time (in %) Ping Last Seen
R -
Panini*Gabriele###→ Administrator
- 12.05 8.9 days 4.3% 51 ms 11d
R 1121
Panini* TNT→ Leader
- 11.36 49.7 days 24.2% 72 ms 5d
R 1468
Panini*[King]→ Leader
- 10.35 53.6 days 26% 48 ms 71h
R -
- 0.15 3.1 days 1.5% 74 ms 335d
R -
Panini*Hobbit@mp3.→ Leader
- 0.01 34.1 days 16.6% 79 ms 1246d
PaniniFlip +(Inactive)
- 0.01 32.9 days 16% 48 ms 1970d
- 0.00 23.6 days 11.4% 49 ms 2481d
  205.7 days  

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