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The Wrecked Commanders
Clan ID: 164703
Clan Tag: -TWC|
Clan Name: The Wrecked Commanders
Location: Worldwide
Web Site: http://www.board.twcclan.org
Total Members: 3
Recruiting Members: Yes
Registered at: Jan 09 2009
Clan-Voice: teamspeak3://ts.twcclan.org
Contact Address: info@twcclan.org
Our Servers: -        TWC No Download +2
-        TWC | Vietnam
-        | TWC ETJump#
-        TWC | Panzerwar
-        TWC | Vietnam
-        TWC | Vietnam
-        TWC | Panzerwar
-        TWC | Beginners
-        TWC No Download +2
-        TWC | Beginners
-        | TWC Headshot
-        | TWC TEST SERVER
-        | TWC | Sniper
TWC is one of the fastest climbing clans in the Wolfenstein Enemy Territory 2.55 commmunity. The reason is simple: we have some of the best players and members here. Without these members there would be no TWC. Great members become great admins and the lack of abuse is what keeps the guests and future members coming back for more fun in all our servers. Currently we are ranked second in 2.55 and in our overall Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory rankings (including 2.60b) we are ranked 5th on GameTracker.

We dont ask anyone to be committed to TWC. All we ask is that you remain committed to having fun, and if it's in a TWC server as a player or a member then rest assured that we will continue to provide you with the fun and free enviroment that we all crave so much. That is our commitment to all of you!

We owe all of this to the members and although we never can thank you enough, we just want you to know that it is appreciated. From the newest member that just joined the family today all the way to the longest member here... We here at TWC want to thank you! With your continued help we will reach the top without a doubt!

What we like about this so much, is that we all had fun while getting here! There is no other clan that can say that!

We would also like to thank all the owners and donators who help us bring quality and security to the TWC servers. Without their support we would be just another second rate clan server subject to daily and sometimes severe hack attacks. The old saying is, "You get what you pay for" and we have the very best. By no means do we get our servers for low rate price. We tried the cheap ones and some of you will remember how that went. Constant shutdowns, major lag and they left us vulnerable to the low life hackers and flooders who seem to love spoiling peoples fun. We spent more time repairing hacked servers and searching for patches and fixes than we did playing the game ourselves. None of which seemed to work anyway.

So again, thank you all for either your emotional or financial support and the time you all invest in playing here.

Video about our servers:

You can join our servers from all game versions (2.55, 2.60, 2.60b).

  • No Download server
  • Vietnam server
  • Headshot server
  • ETjump server
  • Panzerwar server
  • Sniper server
  • Allstars server

No Download server

-TWC|No Download is a server with stock maps only (oasis, railgun, battery, fueldump, goldrush and radar). Playing on this server requires a minimal amount of downloads.
This server currently is the most popular TWC server with the biggest admin base, peaking 30-35 visitors daily.

IPs: nd.twcclan.org ,

Vietnam server

-TWC|Vietnam is an ETnam server. In this mod there are many features like parachute, tripmines, unique weapons, kamikaze and more. TWC Vietnam offers both classic and new maps. We install new maps at least once a month. The maps in-game are being chosen by a map voting system, instead of a normal cycle. In order to keep our server innovated, we ask our members frequently to share their thoughts concerning the server. As a result, we are a very close family, where everyone can share his opinions. Our server is mainly object oriented, but we also offer some rather frag and sniper maps. Don't hesitate to pay us a visit!

IPs: nam.twcclan.org ,

Headshot server

This server is a jaymod server with headshot mod and saves xp.

IPs: hs.twcclan.org ,

ETJump server

-TWC|ETJump is our trickjump server. Mod there is ET jump 2.0.2B. There are a ton of TJ maps in our map pools. We are friendly TJ community. Do drop by, and experience the fun of a new way of playing ET.

IPs: tj.twcclan.org ,

Panzerwar server

-TWC|Panzerwar proves that the panzerfaust is not a weapon for the less skillfull player. The server runs Jaymod with Enhmod and has enabled panzerwar mode, a mode where players try to shoot eachother with panzerfausts, typically on low gravity maps. The server runs frag based custom maps mostly, but also a few objective based maps, aswell as a few maps made by TWC members.

IPs: pw.twcclan.org ,

Sniper server

This server is everything about sniping. If you like sniping, then you will like this server. It is a Jaymod server with EnhMod (forcecvar antitweak). You can also enjoy playing objective on few big maps (dynamite and pliers available).

IPs: sw.twcclan.org ,

Allstars server

Allstars is TWC's flexible server which will change settings on suggestion. A server for every member of TWC.

IPs: allstars.twcclan.org ,

Rank Player Name Server Name Rating Total Time Proportional Time (in %) Ping Last Seen
R -
-TWC|Moanraker|PWS→ Administrator
- 0.01 5.9 days 20.5% 29 ms 1839d
R -
- 0.01 5.7 days 19.7% 77 ms 2001d
- 0.01 17.2 days 59.8% 50 ms 1599d
  28.8 days  

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