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Page visits: 246
Clan ID: 142129
Clan Tag: one
Clan Name: .one
Location: United States of America
Web Site: http://oneetclan.co.nr/
Total Members: 2
Recruiting Members: Yes
Registered at: Jun 03 2006
Clan-Voice: ventrilo://vent4.clanservers.com port
We are a clan made up of members all over the world looking to expand ourselves socially and skillfully. We are looking for cool people, and skilled people that have knowledge of the game. Feel free to stop by and get to know everyone. We are all about skills not kills and teamwork.
Rank Player Name Server Name Rating Total Time Proportional Time (in %) Ping Last Seen
R -
///Wade.one→ Leader
- 0.17 3.1 days 55.4% 140 ms 260d
- 0.00 2.5 days 44.6% 79 ms 3081d
  5.7 days  

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