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Paperino and Daeshana's Possie
Clan ID: 132081
Clan Tag: -=PDP=-
Clan Name: Paperino and Daeshana's Possie
Location: Worldwide
Web Site: http://www.paperinosclan.org/
Total Members: 42
Recruiting Members: Yes
Registered at: Dec 03 2009
Contact Address: Homer.js@web.de
Welcome to the -=PDP=-Clan. We are a clan with people from all over the globe.
We try to provide a large variety of custom maps.

-=United States based server, 20 slots, No Quarter, all versions=-

New player are always welcome.

Clan Member Rules:

1. Respect all admins. Even if they abuse. Level 9 is named "God" with a purpose.
2. Don't abuse your admin powers. If someone is bothering you or being rude and nasty with other players, however, you are allowed to warn, mute or even kick or ban for a limited amount of time (provided that you have an admin level high enough to do that). But beside this, try to be respectful with your PDP brothers and sisters.
3. Proudly wear the PDP tag while in the server, along with PDP colours. (Orange ^8 and yellow ^3)
4. Use your admin powers as wisely as you can. You should not abuse of commands such as !throw and !lol, but a moderate use and abuse of these powers is tolerated. After all you donated in order to get those powers, don't you?
5. Don't use admin powers when they can lead to an easy and unfair victory. To give you an example: you can throw yourself to get quicker in the middle of a battle, but you must not !throw while carrying the objective in Caen for instance, or !launch yourself over the wall in Oasis.
6. You don't need to play often, but if you fail to play at least once in 6 months (12 months for a donating member), your membership will be suspended.
7. Level 8 & 9 are the only members with the authority to ban other members for longer than 1 hour. For levels 4 - 7 giving punishment, the reason must be: Spawnkilling, walljumping/trickjumping, being disrespectful, or abuse of commands. There must be at least 2 warns before the !youstink takes place. The level 4 Trainees are not to use !youstink on other members.

Player Rules:

1. Cheating is NOT allowed. Cheaters caught either by PunkBuster or admins will be permanently banned from the server.
2. Another player, even a PDP member breaking the rules does not allow you to do the same.
3. Be respectful of all players, listen to all admins, and please keep offensive jokes in private messages.
4. Spawn killing is *not* allowed, do it at your own risk, if there are admins around expect to be suddenly kicked or even banned without warning. Details of spawnkilling limits can be found here.
5. No Griefing. Griefing is doing things simply to annoy your teammates. The main example of this is running on their landmines, as you know they won't hurt you. Other ones might be blocking people purposely in doors, getting in the way of panzer/mortar shots, team poisoning, constantly knifing teammates to distract them, no selfkill in a fight (play fair) etc.
6. XP farming is allowed, as long as it doesn't interfere with normal gameplay.
7. If an admin is being (too) disrespectful, please use the complaint forums or e-mail to clan@paperinosclan.org to let us know and we will look into it.
8. Please understand that admins do have special privileges. They made a donation in most cases, or they anyhow earned their level. They are ancouraged to not abuse, but they can do it, so be patient.
9. You can swear and insult other players if they are doing something wrong like walking on your mines, but don't be too harsh. We'll also *never* tolerate any form of racism about color, religion or whatever else. Players caught too often in an incorrect behavior can be warned, muted, kicked or even banned from server temporarily or permanently. If you get banned you can use the form on our bans page to request admins to unban you.
10. Due to reasons which will not be disclosed, the name 'killer' has been censored on our servers. Any attempts to dodge or work around the word and/or name censor will be treated the same as if that word had been used.
11. Spamming, the repeated posting or typing of something within the server is viewed as harassment. This is also true with votes that have already failed.
12. If you suspect that a player is spawnkilling, aimbotting, or using a wallhack, please report it to an admin using a private message. Do 'not' just scream the offense.
13. Use or abuse of double-jumping (or even single-jumping) to pass barriers in a map, sometimes known as walljumping, is not allowed. Players found using this exploit will be banned immediately.
14. The PDP servers are neither theatres, or arenas. Spectators are expected to play or they will be removed to ensure the general health of the server, if/when the server is getting full.
15. Advertising in any form, whether for another clan or website is not allowed, this includes recruiting.
16. Copycat names lead to various forms of exploits and are simply annoying, do not attempt them.
17. This is an english speaking community. Since members and players are from all around the world, the english language is the only possible common basis to understand each other. Everyone is expected to communicate in plain english either on servers and forum postings. In game you can use your own language in private messages, or in fireteam/team chat, provided all players of your fireteam/team do agree. Failure do that will eventually lead to a permanent muting.
18. Failure to read the rules is not an excuse for cheating, the address of these pages is posted within the server.
19. Voting start match or skip map while players are connecting is forbidden. In most cases doing so will boot the connecting players from the server. The same rule applies for pressing F3 and doing readyteam.

Admin Level Rules:
1. You can get up to three levels by gaining XP.
2. Get level 1 at 5000 XP
3. Get level 2 at 25000 XP
4. Get level 3 at 50000 XP
5. Your level is not upgraded automatically when you reach those amounts of XP , if you are connected to the
-=PDP=-No Quarter you should ask level 8 or level 9 admin to set your level.
6. Level 4 can exceptionally be granted to particularly well skilled players, upon exclusive decision of the admins.
7. Once you have been recruited, you can freely choose to make a donation in order to get an higher admin level (or simply to help us).
8. Level 5 , New Member is given by gods.
9. If you make a 10 US $ donation you get level 6 for one year.
10. If you make a 20 US $ donation you get level 7 for one year. In addition, your application for level 7 must be approved by the clan leaders.
11. Level 8 , Law Enforcer (LE), is given by the gods to certian clan members in order to help them manage and enforce the law at the servers, this level cannot be achieved through a donation.
Level 9 admins are: -=PDP=-Melody,-=PDP=-Panik and -=PDP=-Prophet.
Level 8 admins are: -=PDP=-Tomraider, -=PDP=-Seixas, -=PDP=-Daverino23, -=PDP=-Truefighter, -=PDP=_Goodfella, -=PDP=-Darky, -=PDP=-Hunter, and -=PDP=-Gameover
Rank Player Name Server Name Rating Total Time Proportional Time (in %) Ping Last Seen
- 7.23 52.9 days 6.7% 100 ms 2h
- 0.04 40 days 5.1% 55 ms 86d
- 0.03 5.8 days 0.7% 60 ms 806d
-=PDP=-Dum&dummerer→ Leader
- 0.01 48.6 days 6.2% 63 ms 903d
- 0.01 21.1 days 2.7% 106 ms 1614d
- 0.01 11 days 1.4% 43 ms 1770d
- 0.01 27.8 days 3.6% 205 ms 2027d
- 0.01 17 days 2.2% 114 ms 760d
- 0.01 5.6 days 0.7% 134 ms 1888d
R -
-=PDP=-GameOver→ Administrator
- 0.01 22.9 days 2.9% 178 ms 1890d
R -
-=PDP=-Melody→ Administrator
- 0.01 113.4 days 14.5% 117 ms 1956d
- 0.01 14.4 days 1.8% 101 ms 2022d
R -
- 0.01 2.9 days 0.4% 56 ms 1980d
- 0.00 3.7 days 0.5% 120 ms 2209d
- 0.00 54.2 days 6.9% 90 ms 913d
- 0.00 42.9 hrs 0.2% 101 ms 2242d
- 0.00 9 days 1.1% 181 ms 1993d
- 0.00 37.8 days 4.8% 99 ms 1795d
- 0.00 22.8 hrs 0.1% 42 ms 2105d
- 0.00 39.5 days 5% 140 ms 510d
- 0.00 12 days 1.5% 48 ms 2347d
- 0.00 28 days 3.6% 59 ms 1893d
- 0.00 7 days 0.9% 50 ms 2293d
- 0.00 18 days 2.3% 75 ms 2336d
- 0.00 23.7 days 3% 127 ms 2035d
- 0.00 11.6 days 1.5% 59 ms 2129d
-=pDp=- PaNiK→ Administrator
- 0.00 9.2 days 1.2% 102 ms 2009d
- 0.00 26.2 days 3.3% 145 ms 2318d
-=PDP=-Miller (Inactive)
- 0.00 16.3 hrs 0.1% 98 ms 2450d
- 0.00 10.7 days 1.4% 65 ms 2282d
- 0.00 9.5 days 1.2% 109 ms 2339d
- 0.00 9.9 days 1.3% 26 ms 2369d
- 0.00 13.1 days 1.7% 120 ms 2324d
- 0.00 8.6 days 1.1% 125 ms 2048d
- 0.00 53.7 hrs 0.3% 50 ms 2370d
R -
- 0.00 41.3 days 5.3% 49 ms 2559d
-   18 hrs 0.1% 49 ms 2335d
-   30.8 hrs 0.2% 45 ms 1034d
-   30.6 hrs 0.2% 127 ms 1923d
-   20 hrs 0.1% 80 ms 2505d
-   11.4 days 1.4% 149 ms 2049d
-   6.7 days 0.9% 55 ms 1988d
  784.3 days  

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